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Let’s start with baseball.  A few days ago I read an article telling me that no “name” baseball stars would be traded.  For the life of me I can’t find it now to give you the link and publicly shame the person that wrote it.  Three guaranteed future hall of famers, Pudge Rodriguez, Ken Griffey, Jr and Manny Ramirez were all traded in the past couple of days since that article was published.  Perhaps it was pulled for inaccuracy?

Keeping with the boys of summer, Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod just announced in divorce papers that his wife’s allegations of cheating were, “immaterial and impertinent.” It’s funny that he used the word “immaterial” in the filing since one of his rumored dalliances is rumored to be with “The Material Girl” herself, Madonna.  Alex buddy, don’t ever tell a woman you are divorcing that you laying the pipe with other women was no big deal…  something about “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.  She’s likely to dig in her heels and be willing to take less in the end to make your life absolute hell during the process.  And divorces can last an eternity.  Ask Alec Baldwin.  He separated from his wife in 2000…

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Another Republican Indicted

Seriously folks, how many “conservative” convictions does it take before the religious people abandon the party?  How in the name of their god and the rules set forth by their book can they in good conscience continue to vote for people that are criminals?

The latest is Ted Stevens.  He’s currently the longest serving republican senator.  The AP described his case as being indicted on “seven felony counts of concealing more than a quarter of a million dollars in house renovations and gifts from a powerful oil contractor that lobbied him for government aid.”

I know, I should not jump to conclusions, but I have been told that this case is rock solid.  It’s virtually a lock.

Last year some of you might remember gay, uh I mean, republican senator Larry Craig of Idaho.  He pleaded guilty to charges that came from him apparently trying to get some man-on-man action by playing footsie while sitting on the toilet with a man in the stall next door.  As a side note, a man can get his ass kicked for that…

And for the record, the last sitting senator to be indicted in federal court was Republican David Durenberger from Minnesota.  He pleaded guilty of conspiring to file fraudulent claims for Senate reimbursement of $3,825 in lodging expenses.

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The Tao of Travel II

This is a follow up to the previous post.

Bourdain’s comments inspired me to think about some rules of travel…  Here is what I wrote down in two emails and sent to some friends:

I think it [what Bourdain wrote] is brilliant!

Over the past several years I have really attempted to travel as a lifestyle.  In the beginning you visit Chicago or New York or Paris and come back with tales defining the experience and the place as a whole aka  “France was amazingggggg” .  Something strange happens when you begin to visit new places with some frequency.  You realize that you have not visited “France” as much as you enjoyed a singular experience.  Your trip was limited by your timing, personality, other people on the trip, your health (try having a good sick vacation), etc…  there are a ton of variables that all contribute to the cumulative thing you forevermore will refer to as your “Trip to France”.  I think Tony states as much when he writes, “I encounter some people — or take them along. They show me their lives.  We go some places –meet some friends. I tell you how that felt to me.  THAT’S what we do.”  And I think that is why so many people love the show.  His show is ultimately about his experience- it’s not as much about “look you can do this, too” like many of the other travel shows.  Sure, you can visit some of the same places- and should- but it’s the philosophy of the singular experience that makes his show- and your trip to France- great.  The politics?  Blah.  Travelers are above politics or should be.  It’s about the experience.

***************** 2nd Email********************

My number one rule is to respect the country and their rule.  My
application might be controversial. ..  when I ran with the bulls in
Pamplona, Spain, last year I found out they have the “running of the
nudes”.  No, no don’t get excited.  It’s a bunch of PETA people without
the balls/ovaries to actually run in the buff.  Instead, they wear
bathing suits and run through the streets protesting the run.  Now I am
all for the good people of Spain demonstrating, but I, as a US citizen,
do not think it is right for other Americans to travel to another
country and protest.  To belabor the point, I was against the Iraq war
from the beginning, but when I attended a concert by Canadian band
Skinny Puppy in Ohio and they were protesting America I was likewise
turned off.

Perhaps I watched too many original star trek episodes, but for me, the
prime directive of not interfering with “alien” cultures should be
respected.  I’m there to observe the culture and enjoy it, not try to
change it to favor mine (which would kinda defeat the point of

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The Tao of Travel

I subscribe to a Yahoo! email group that is centered on Chef Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain has a travel show on the Travel Channel called, “No Reservations”. Recently Bourdain wrote what I consider a manifesto for people who currently enjoy travel as a lifestyle or aspire to.

I have crafted a response, but I’ll give you a day to read Bourdain’s rant first…



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The Internet

The internet really is an amazing resource when you think of it.  I’m 35 and grew up without it- grew up without the hope that someone would even invent it.  I remember when I got my first computer, it was very slow and I would have never guessed that the technology would have advanced to the level it has.  It’s staggering that I’ve went from playing pong to watching movies instantly over the internet in little more than two decades.  The internet…  it’s not just for porn, random sex hook ups and trolling/flaming message boards.

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No, not the ones that legally or illegally come to our country, but the kind from outer space…

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth person to ever walk on the moon and NASA astronaut has been “out” about his belief of aliens for some time.  Recently he gave an interview to a radio station in the UK and the story has been picked up as if Mitchell was revealing his opinions for the first time.

Here is the radio interview:

Here is an older video:

As for me, I am really on the James Randi tip when it comes to aliens, miracles, etc…  show me the proof.  I currently believe it is probable that there is some kind of intelligent life forms on other planets.  There is, for a fact, other life forms as we have discovered bacteria on Mars.  I would ultimately categorize my attitude toward “aliens” as hopefully optimistic.  I’m not optimistic because I think aliens would be particularly helpful toward us, rather it is because I want to know everything.  I’m intellectually curious and being able to explore a literal new world of being would be overwhelmingly amazing.



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Primetime McCain

So *this* is the guy religious people want to vote in?

WWJD indeed.

And then he gets absolutely PWNED on Meet the Press…

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