Believe in Miracles?

James Randi is offering anyone that can produce a miracle under scientific conditions $1,000,000!

He’s confronted those frauds that use “cold readings” and call it speaking with the dead such as Sylvia Brown. She is absolutely fake. Fake, fake, fake. If you pay attention to how most of them do it you can see  the technique. Note the psychic normally does not come out with crystal clear info when she first talks to the living person. They say something like, “I’m seeing a person with a name I can’t make out- it starts with a T- do you know anyone with a name beginning with the letter T?” Well of course the person does. Statistics say 99.9% of people living in the USA know a person with a T in their name. It’s so fucking obvious.

And here is the reason psychics normally stay away from specifics. Here is Sylvia Brown telling a woman who lost her boyfriend in the 9/11 attacks that he drown! She then tries to play it off by saying this could have happened via the water used to fight the fire.

And here is one where Sylvia says a couple’s daughter was shot and she really just collapsed and died!?!?

Anyways, I have a question for those that believe in Christian healing. And this is serious. Why don’t faith healers ever have people who have lost their limbs come up on stage and have the limbs re-grow? That would be a very evident miracle. There really isn’t much us naysayers could do if just one of the thousands of faith healers would start performing that! It would be amazing and provided independent verification, I might just run to an altar.




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  1. nikki ruffing

    Great article! I totally agree..they are fake. In 1996 I was out to vegas and went to a psychic. She predicted I would marry a man with dark hair (duh, again most of the population of men have dark hair) five years from then (I am still single as you know). I was disappointed, I wanted more on my career or future..not if I was going to get married or not, I could care less about that. haha..anyway, she is gone, and actually so is that shopping center on the strip (it is now a walgreens and a Ross)…she should have predicted that one !

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