I’m Straight You Dolt!

In response to some emails and comments I’ve received…

Why is it every time a person asserts that gays should be treated equally as straight folks people assume they are gay?

I am straight, married and have a child and friends of mine would tell you how absurd it is to “assume” I’m gay because of my view on freedom for gay people.  It’s that kind of narrow-mindedness that is intolerable.

Look at civil rights, I know the popular portrait of the movement is that only black folks such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X fought for their people, but white folks had a major role in influencing the white congress and white president (LBJ) to sign title seven. Likewise, straight folks have a role in showing the wider culture that gay people are “just people” and should be treated equal under the Constitution of the United States.

If God exists he/she can do with them/me what it wants to after death, but while they are citizens of the USA they should have equal rights.




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One response to “I’m Straight You Dolt!

  1. Oh we’re all mistaken for gay at some point. It just means you’ve reached the level of awesome.

    http://evilslutopia.com/2008/06/gay-sex-in-city.html“>gay sex in the city

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