PoMo Birthday?

Today I turned 35.

I slept it, well that’s what you normal people would call it, I actually only slept for 7 hours, but that is a lot for me. I crashed about 4am and finally arose a little after 11am.

First, I went to Brew River, a restaurant/bar built on the bank of the mighty Wicomico River, to check out their Sunday Brunch and had their Eggs Neptune which is an amazing concoction of poached eggs, over crab imperial on a toasted English muffin topped with hollandaise. It was fucking delicious! Every morsel in my mouth tasted like a lit bit of heaven mixed with a whole lot of sex. It was a sensual delight for my palette that felt as turned on as it did satiated at the end of the meal. I left with my stomach full, but my senses wanting more, more, more!

Then I strolled to a used video game store, bought a war game and round out my afternoon by killing Ruskies for Jesus.

I’ll likely round out the day just being lazy…

Ahhh yes, this getting old thing is fucking sweet.




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One response to “PoMo Birthday?

  1. Happy Birthday Tom!

    I myself can’t wait till I turn 21 (FINALLY) this semester so I can check out Brew River.

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