The One Where He Talks About Gay Issues

I’m am pro-pro-pro-pro-gay rights.  As a Libertarian, I cannot in good conscious keep from any American citizen the rights and freedoms I enjoy, unless they fuck up.  Sure, if you drink and drive you lose your license, if you murder someone you go to jail (or worse), but being gay is not a crime, therefore there should be no restriction in civil law on them.  They should be afforded the exact rights and privileges that every other law abiding citizen in the USA is given- no more and certainly no less.  The blatant “secret” of the issue is the laws which restrict marriage to a man and a woman are religiously based and biased.  They have absolutely no place in our democracy.  If the right wingers want to establish a theocracy on Earth then maybe they should head toward the North Pole and fight the Russians for it, but they certainly should stop trying to claim that they are both pro-constitution and pro-god, the two cannot exist in the context they put forth.  Yes, a christian can be pro-constitution, but for them to do they must understand that laws must be based on what our diversified populace wants and not what their text, written by a tribal society thousands of years ago, dictates.  Us non-christians are about fucking tired of allowing these blowhards that believe in a mythological fairy tale to assert their power based on flimsy logic and a remedial grasp of history, civil duty and law.

That being said, check out the Equality For All website.

Note: If you don’t want to enter your email address on the opening page just skip it like I did.




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7 responses to “The One Where He Talks About Gay Issues

  1. josephudo

    God bless your troubled heart and soul but what you are doing is a serious sin.

  2. josephudo

    God bless your heart and soul but what you are doing is a serious sin.

  3. Hahaha… yes, talking about gay rights is a serious sin. But god bless your troubled heart and soul.

  4. Um, Tom, dear, for as much as I agree with you I have one issue. Sure, religious laws shouldn’t be a part of our democracy but well, seeing as this is a country founded on religious beliefs it’s pretty damn hard to separate the two. Damn Puritans.

  5. Thanks, Tom, for sharing your opinions. It’s a real tragedy that folks like joseph fail to see how divisive and destructive their “blessings” are.

  6. morningcupofcoffee

    Cynthia, don’t believe what you read. The Puritans only settled a portion of what was to become America and many of the founding fathers were not Christians, and the ones that were certainly would be shocked by the Pat Robertson talk-in-tongues, faith-healing brand of worship. John Locke and the English system of law had more to do with our laws than any notion of “Let’s start a country for Christians” thing the right is pushing now. Sure religious people helped shape our country, but the religious right overplays its hand when discussing it.

  7. Our country was founded on religious beliefs… but the Puritans came here to avoid religious persecution. We were founded on religious beliefs, but above all, we were founded on the principle of religious freedom. (Of course, those damn Puritans were a bunch of hypocrites… so we were founded on hypocrisy as well).

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