When Your Waitress Becomes a Success

I was reading up on healthy eating and an article on Yahoo!’s front page fit the bill.  I read the well crafted article and noticed it was written by a lady named Sarah Fuss.  That sounded familiar.   Sarah.  Sarah Fuss.  Fuss.  I think I know that name.  I read her Yahoo! bio and saw her picture and was sure I had met her.  Upon reading the bio I discovered she used to sling plates at the Northstar restaurant in Columbus.  The Northstar is a bistro where casual organic meats, vegetarianism and hipsters collide.  It’s not for the non-adventurous eater nor a person with light pockets, but the food does pack a hell of a flavor.  My friend, and brief love interest, Kae Denino, author of “Glow” used to cook there.  I’m not sure if she introduced me to Ms. Fuss or we simply chatted while I downed their amazing meatloaf, but it is nice to see a person who slaved away in Columbus get their just rewards.




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  1. Rohansel

    Hello, Sarah Fuss, I saw your report on Yahoo Food and thought that you might be interested in this rundown.

    Dear Sarah, Very low fat or zero fat dairy products are dangerous for most people especially as a habit. Foods that have essential fatty acids in them are necessary. The kind of people who think it is okay to eliminate fats (especially those that have omega-3) for the sake of loosing weight are in for a rude awakening.
    A broken Kreb’s cycle in the liver is no fun–this is the inability to generate CoQ10, acetic acid, and pyruvic acid. Dr. Hulda Clark, 55 years ago, discovered that a lack of omega-3 oil in diet is/was a significant cause of cataxis–an inability to metabolize certain proteins and carbohydrates. Cancer, arthritis, and asthma are typical results.
    Other scientists have found that a broken Kreb’s cycle and the resulting the inability to generate acetic acid, in turn, results in the body’s inability to make the three scarcest of the eight essential sacharides.
    Every human cell has eight antennas on it that signal the health of the cell to the macrophages. If any essential saccaride is missing just one, goodbye–its auto-immune distruction time, even though that cell is otherwise healthy.
    The three most scarce essential saccarides are n-acetyl glucosamine, n-acetyl neurominic acid, and n-acetyl-galactosamine. Absence of these results in hives, hives of the lungs (asthma), and cancer. All are auto-immune problems.
    PS: n-acetyl glucosamine is used several other places too, and glucosamine sulfate and glucoamine hydrochloride look nice on a supplement label, but older people who have abused their livers with drugs and preservatives may not be able to acetylize these less friendly glucosamines. The need what the body makes n-acetyl glucosamine. Small amounts are in shiitake mushrooms. I may be simpler to take vinegar in plastic spoonfuls, four times a day, as the body can probably make its precursor, glucose, out of the sugar in some fruit.

    Sincerely, Robert Hansell, rohansel@yahoo.com, Pennsburg, PA

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