Sorry Unmarried Couples, No Hospital Visitation For You!

Maryland State Senator, who is currently running for the House of Representatives, Andy Harris voted against a bill that would have allowed domestic partners the same rights married couples enjoy.  BTW straight couples are getting married less and living together more- whether you know it or like it- you are at the heart of the domestic partner law.  You, as a straight couple, do not currently have the same rights as a married couple- even if you have been together longer.  A couple of 18 year olds who get married have more rights in most states than 90 year olds that have been in a relationship since their teens!  All because religious zealots do not want to give ground on their idea that marriage is a “christian” concept- in spite of the fact that every culture pro or anti-christ has a form of marriage and has since long before the christian god got a hankering to impregnate a 14 year old Mary.

Here is a summary of the law (as taken from

Grants the following rights to domestic partners (sec. 1):

    – Control over final arrangements for their partner’s body, including the right to give consent for a postmortem examination of their partner’s body and the right to decide how the body will be disposed if not specified by the deceased partner
    – The right to make decisions about their partner’s health care if their partner is incapable of doing so unless they have appointed a health care agent or guardian
    – The right to visit their partner in hospital unless the hospital does not allow visitors, it would threaten the patient’s health, or the patient has requested that the partner not visit
    – The right to accompany their partner in an emergency vehicle

– Requires proof of a domestic partnership such as an affidavit or supporting documents for an individual to exercise these rights except for accompanying a partner in an emergency vehicle or hospital visitation, for which only a good faith statement is required (sec. 1).

– Provides that nothing in the bill may be construed to define marriage as anything other than an arrangement between a man and a woman in the state of Maryland (sec. 3).

Voting against this is simply wrong.




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One response to “Sorry Unmarried Couples, No Hospital Visitation For You!

  1. Lets Talk Issues!

    What are the platforms of the candidates for the MD Cong 1st district?

    What are their positions on the extremely important issues that face the citizens of Maryland as we proceed into the future?

    What are they claiming to be able to accomplish in the first 12 to 24 months?

    With whom will they work to compromise and move forward legislation that will truly offer successful solutions to the deep problems in our economy, universal health care, development of alternative sources of energy, saving the Social Security and pension system, to name just a few.

    Another site was listed on Google News this morning because one candidates has raised more money than the other. The comments I’ve read this morning so far deal with personal attacks of the previous and current Maryland governor.

    We are all tired of this old song and dance.

    We will no longer follow the old line that the other party is the enemy!

    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Get out of the way.

    A hard rain is going to fall.

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