Movie Review: Hancock

Last night I took my wife out on a date.  We began the evening going to Brew River.  The meal wasn’t as good as the Sunday Brunch I had a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t bad, either.  The cream of crab soup was the highlight of the meal for me, though my shrimp salad wrap wasn’t bad.  The Guinness was good- though they served it before it had settled- which is “ok” because that is the norm for American bar tenders, but being delivered a settled proper pint is always a good thing- especially when it is unexpected.

Before I talk about the movie I have to explain my scale.  I have different scales for different types of movies.  In the history of cinema action films have yet to breakthrough to Citizen Kane status.  That being said, I dumb the scale down for them.  For me an action film must have passable acting, good to amazing special effects, a storyline that is engaging while also moving forward and good dialog amongst the characters.

Hancock is a decent action film.  Will Smith, Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron  play their roles well, the story moves along and, in a bit of a surprise, the plot contains a decent twist.  The down side for me is toward the end of the movie Theron’s character suddenly explains a whole lot of the parameters of the character- a better written script would have found a way to incorporate those things and slowly reveal them throughout- instead we’re given an info dump at the end of the film as a bridge to the next scene.  It’s not terrible, but it is inartful and could have been presented better.

It’s a good enough movie that I recommend you go see it.




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3 responses to “Movie Review: Hancock

  1. hmks

    I respect your “different scales for different types of movies.” However, I respectfully disagree with your recommendation for people to see this movie.

    “Hancock” had enormous potential to be a good summer flick, but I think it failed dreadfully. I feel this failure resulted from bad writing and under-utilization of the talent the director had on his hands. Oscar winner Theron’s character could have been played by any two-bit actress.

    I thought Berg’s “Kingdom” was a much, much better movie.

    When “Hancock” tried to develop an actual plot, the entire movie started a downhill slide that left our theater audience shaking their head in confusion and disbelief.


  2. Don Singleton

    I just sent you a long over due and often promised piece on the summer movies. I thought them a really dreadful lot. Swing Vote was the only one I recommended, but I somehow missed including Hancock, which I saw, and thought was a good premise–super hero as slob and jerk–and was by and large well done. You are right on the mark on the information dump. There is a very very basic rule in screen writing: Show! Don’t tell! I would add Hancock to the “worth your money list,” but it is a very short list this summer.

  3. It’s not great but it’s still good enough to go and see it for sure. Nice review!

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