Vote With Your Best Interests In Mind

If Americans would vote with their best interests in mind our society would be able to change the politics in Washington. Think about it.

What effects you?

Taxes, certainly. When the richest Americans get the tax cuts in an era where the price of gas, home heating oil and food rise while we have the value of houses and the dollar plummet, banks going belly up and people having their houses taken from them for lack of payment then something is wrong. And don’t come at me with that “the top 2% of Americans pay 40% of the taxes”. They should. They top 2% of Americans are enjoying the rarefied air of the top 2% of opportunity. Billionaires should pay millions in taxes. Millionaires should pay ten of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands (depending on if they are making $1 million a year or $999 million a year) of dollars in taxes. A person with children making $10,000 a year not only should not pay income tax, they should not have any federal income tax taken out of their check. We should help the poorest Americans by giving them a fucking break. Likewise, we should tax the billionaires at an appropriate rate to reflect the fact that it was/is America that has given them the precipice on which they sit.



Gay marriage? Are you gay? If not, why do you care what others do? You don’t have to accept their nuptials as legit.

Illegal immigration? Definitely. You might be inclined to say “no” if you live in an area without them, but no matter what side of the issue you are on there is no debate that millions of dollars go to bankroll their existence in our country, while they, by and large, do not pay taxes.

Abortion? Again, a tricky one. As a married guy it does not effect me directly, however, I am of the opinion that abortion is a medical procedure and should not be legislated on by a body that consists of lawyers with little to no medical training aka congress and/or the Supreme Court (I know technically the court doesn’t legislate from the bench, but that is debatable as some of their “interpretations are so radical that they are making law in a de facto style.)

Guns rights? Definitely. If more states would allow qualified people to conceal and carry our crime rates would go down. A good example of this is the fact that most “massacre” type of killings in America take place in GUN FREE ZONES such as Post Offices and schools. Am I authorizing high schools have their ban lifted on fire arms? Absolutely not, but that is a very interesting statistic to note.


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One response to “Vote With Your Best Interests In Mind

  1. Joel

    Why not lift the banned at highschools. It will still be illegal for anyone under 21 to carry. If I were teaching at some high school with large gang violence, I would want to carry.

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