Niagara Falls, Toronto, Points North

Niagara Falls was, well what I expected.  It is beautiful and awe-inspiring, but unless you are a painter, photographer or some other visual-fetishist then it really just looking at the thing and taking note for a few pregnant pause moments and then moving on.  The area around the falls is a lot like the boardwalks on the Jersey, Delaware and Maryland shores, rife with air brushed shirts, weird little figurines with “Niagara Falls” emblazoned on them, bong shoppes, restaurants, hotels and other assorted things that make up de facto modern circus midways.

Today we go to Springroll.  It’s a great restaurant in Toronto that I’m excited to be going back to.  Tomorrow morning we head to Boom! Breakfast Company.  They feature blueberry pancakes topped with french vanilla ice cream.  Yum!  After eating breakfast we’ll be heading up to the Northern Ontario compound.

Should be fun.




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