The Trip To Canada

Canada is always a welcome respite.  It allows me to gleefully shuck off the burdens of my everyday 24 hour news cycle, crackberry and internet driven insanity and replace it with wonderful food, friendly people, Cuban cigars and lovely, smoky scotch.

The first stop was Niagara Falls.  The falls is amazing, but the experience is limited to a few moments.  After gazing into the hydro-powered beauty for five minutes the time comes to acknowledge the sight and move along.  In my three trips to the area the city seems a bit limited.  It’s chock full of wax museums, knick knacks, bong shops and standard touristy schlock.

We walked around the area for a few hours and then began our search for dinner.  We found a good Chinese  place and ordered standard fair- sweet and sour chicken- done in two different ways.  I had the sauce placed directly on the chicken while fried and my dad had super breaded balls of chicken served with a side of the sweet and sour sauce.  The chicken balls were about twice the size as ping pong balls.  The breading looked to be a bit mushy, but he said the dinner was “ok”.  I think mine was better.  Next we hit up the hotel and turned in early so we could sleep off the 9 hour drive and awake ready to find breakfast and make the two hour trek to Toronto.

Tomorrow I’ll go into our day in Toronto and put up some pictures!!!




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