Will Dr. James Dobson Do the Presidential Tango aka Flip Flop?

Dr. James Dobson, who runs “Focus on the [straight, Dobson-brand Christian] Family”, said during this Presidential election that he “could not in good conscience vote for McCain”, has apparently had a change of heart.  Now he is considering endorsing the guy his conscience would not allow him to endorse previously.

Now I am all for people looking at the issues and making up their minds.  Hell, looking at an issue or a candidate a second time and changing your mind is not necessarily a bad thing, either.  It shows you are engaged in the process and that is definitely a good thing.  My problem with Dobson though is the language he used when dismissing McCain.  He said, “in good conscience”.  From a man of faith that is a pretty strong rebuke.  If he does indeed change his mind and endorse McCain it should be obvious that the reason is more about political expedency and less about his “conscience”.  In other words, since the Republicans put McCain up as their man in 2008 Dobson and his cult risk falling out of favor with the Republican party establishment should McCain win the White House.  If Dobson were just some other Joe it would make political sense for him to latch onto the “Straight Talk Express” now.  But Dobson is supposed to be a man of God.  When his conscience tells him not to support someone politics as usual should not apply.  By the standard put forth by the Bible he believes to be the word of almighty god he is trapped into not supporting someone that offends his “godly” conscience.

Did god change his mind on abortion?  divorce?  foul language?  embryonic stem cell research?

Of course not.  The political season has changed and Dobson had to make a move.  His only options were to stay true to his Jesus-based idealism or sell out for the Republican nominee.

We’ll see what he does…



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2 responses to “Will Dr. James Dobson Do the Presidential Tango aka Flip Flop?

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  2. cornishevangelist

    Never Be Deceived America

    Is it possible that today a counterfeit gospel and counterfeit Jesus is being preached in our nation and in the world at large? Just because someone says that they believe in Jesus, does that really mean that they are Christians? Should we believe every person regardless of the way that they live their lives and what they believe in scripture?

    Well, I believe that we should not. For we read in scripture that their will be some who will try to trouble us, by perverting the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now, the Bible makes it very clear, if someone comes to you preaching another gospel, which is not found in the Word of God, or another Jesus that we have not read about in scripture, then we are on no account to receive them as followers of Christ. Paul the apostle of Jesus Christ, was not fooled he said “they profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him,”

    In 2 John v 9, we read “Whosoever transgresseth and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ hath not God, he that abideth in the doctrine of Christ; he hath both the Father and the Son.” So if anyone comes to you and says, “we believe in Jesus”, but not in the word of God as it is written in the Holy Bible, then we do not receive them, or welcome them, for they are trying to make you doubt God’s Word, and trying to weaken your faith. It is written, “If there come any unto you and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed,” {2 John v 10}.

    So beware in these last days do not listen to anyone who does not bring you sound doctrine, always check out everything that you hear in the Holy Scriptures. If you do you will never be deceived, for we must remember the Words of Jesus, “For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch that if it were possible they shall deceive the very elect,” {Matthew 24 v 24}.

    Dear Saints, let us hold on to God’s Word filling our minds with His truth, if we do we shall never be deceived by what we hear or see.



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