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Oklahoma State football Coach Mike Gundy goes off on reporter reporter Jenni Carlson who wrote an article that gave her opinion on why Gundy benched the starting quarterback, Bobby Reid.  During the rant he said 3/4 of her story was fiction.  A week later Carlson confronted Gundy and asked him to point out any factual evidence and he responded with, “I don’t have to”.  I have no problem with Coach Gundy defending his player, but the manner he did it in was spiteful, ignorant, unprofessional and just plain wrong.

But that’s not my biggest complaint.  What I have a real problem with is how Gundy calls Reid a “kid” and uses the angle that a big, bad reporter picked on a “kid”.  Reid was 21 at the time of the article.

Meanwhile, 18 year old American “kids” were being shot at in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How in the fuck does he square this?

The cruel fact is, we, as a culture, believe people aged 18-23 in college *ARE* kids, while the population that goes to work in that age group are seen as adults.  Bobby Reid was not a child.  He was and is a grown man playing quarterback at a division I school.  He knew what he was getting into when he signed on to play in the rarefied air of being the starting QB at a division one school in football crazy Oklahoma.   And for whatever pressure Coach Gundy felt because of Carlson’s article he should count his lucky stars that the “bullets” being pointed at his team were made of words and not the lethal kind thousands of other American “kids” have to endure with courage, power and grace on a daily basis.

To bring this to a bottom line, Coach Gundy you’re an asshole.  Get over yourself.  Your total career record at as a head coach is 18-19.  You have a losing record.  Perhaps you should focus on that.

And now the video of his shame.


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