Have it your way at Burger King…

Apparently in Xenia, Ohio, this includes having a bubble bath on the clock.  The participant goes by the name Mr. Unstable.  No shit.

How done with your job do you have to be to get naked and take a bath in the company sink in front of the staff?  What the fuck was the manager thinking?  I managed couple of corporate food outlets in my twenties and I know the little assholes you have to deal with in jobs like that, but I think I would have been hard pressed not to kick this prick’s ass.  We’re only talking about the health of the local community.





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2 responses to “Have it your way at Burger King…

  1. The sink was cleaned before and after the incident.

    As for the stresser that caused it, well his sister passed away, he was struggling with people he thought were his friends, and his living situation was very stressful.

    Feel free to call him a prick to his face and see who’s ass gets kicked.


    K-C Gizmo

  2. I’d call him a prick to his face and not worry about this puny punk rocker’s response. Using a loved one’s death as a way to cover up for this kind of behavior is at once ludicrous, offensive and bizarre. A death of a loved one does not influence stable people to bathe in their work’s sink. To suggest as much shows your lack of intellect.

    BTW if that sawed off little prick wants some just tell him to man up. I trained as a boxer and would put his lights out with ease.



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