Are Democrats Really That Bad?

Yesterday a man went into the office of Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney fatally shooting him.  So far there is nothing being reported as the motive for the attack, but the shooting reminded me of the right wing nut job Jim D. Adkisson and his attack on “liberal” people in church.  In fucking church.  What kind of republican attacks people while they are in church?  While I would never want to label republicans as people that approved of the recent lethal attacks on democrats, it does also bring to mind that fringe “pro-life” group operation rescue was a republican domestic terrorist that routinely intimidated and bombed abortion clinics.  They even bombed the Olympics in Atlanta!

Again, I don’t want to lay all of this at the feet of the average republican, but I cannot recall *ANY* democrats in America that have attacked republicans based on their “conservative” beliefs, be it on abortion or any other…  If I am wrong on that please comment with *SPECIFIC* instances.  This is a time when I’d love to be wrong.  I’d much rather chalk these attacks up to random chance aka if you have enough people in a group there are going to be some that are murderers.





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2 responses to “Are Democrats Really That Bad?

  1. It’s the Democrats attacking their own. Did you know that the Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVay had a John Wilks Booth phrase on his T-shirt when they arrested him? How about the wacko who went into Hillary’s campaign office with guns earlier in the year? He was talked out of it. He was a disgruntled Democrat who wanted more money from SSI for mental illness.

    How about Jim Webb’s chief of staff? The 26-year-old was a rising star in the Democrat party. He was found dead of a gun shot wound off a highway in Virginia earlier this month.

  2. I have no idea how Timothy McVeigh having the words of someone that shot a Republican president on his shirt proves your point that Democrats kill Democrats?

    As for McVeigh, he was a registered republican…

    Nor do I understand how the death of Frederick W. Hutchins Jr. has anything to do with Democrats killing Democrats???

    What is your point here, man? Is it that Democrats also die?

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