The “Celebrity Smack Blog” reports that the Rev Bob Levy and Danny Bonaduce are going to end their dispute in the ring on September 13th.  The following video shows the spawning of the drama.  I trained briefly as a boxer and when I was younger enjoyed a good fisticuffs, but I do not think I would ever want to take on Bonaduce.  The man has muscles on top of muscles and is a legit black belt (as opposed to the celebrity black belt- which is a star basically playing a karate master a sum of money to award them the belt).  In short, the man can crack and is knowledgable enough in the fight game to really fucking hurt most people- Rev Bob included.  Though I am not a fan of most celebrity boxing matches, I look forward to seeing Danny bring the pain to this one…

Bonaduce vs Levy

Bonaduce vs Levy

Here is the vid:

You can catch the fight for $5 LIVE on gofightlive.com


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