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The Man

Michael Phelps has nearly 50% of the USA’s Gold medals. He has 7 so far and our entire country has 15. To take it a step further, only three COUNTRIES have more Gold medals than Phelps. The USA, China and Germany.

Want more?

Only 11 countries have more TOTAL medals than Phelps’ has GOLD medals.

Isn’t that insane?

Where is Alain Bernard and his over-the-top bragging now?


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“Christian” author announces that Obama is *not* the anti-christ

Isn’t this kinda like asking a guy, “when did you stop beating your wife”? The implication is that Obama has some of the criteria needed to be the boogey man of John’s revelation. And for me, it’s over the line… If asked this question the author should have rightfully scoffed and made a mockery of the questioner, that’s how absurd it is.

There are stupid questions people, and then there are smart statements made by supposedly “religious” people that are disguised as questions, whose aim is to injure a man’s integrity.

Way to follow christ Jerry Jenkins.

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This Was My Reaction When I First Heard the News As Well…

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Something’s Rotten in the State of… the City of Beijing.

So as I was waiting for someone to show up at Suncoast Casino last night (where the nearly dead come out to play) I was sitting at the bar watching Olympic boxing. It was 130 lbs, I think, and the bout was between Mexico and Romania. By the end of the second round, Romania was ahead 13-3.


Let me repeat: Romania was beating Mexico.


Is it just me or are there a whole lot of upsets this year in the Olympics? I’m keeping my eye on the men’s basketball team. If it weren’t for Michael Phelps, I’d blame the Communists.


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Lies, Part I

Just for the fun of it I’m going to occassionally post lies from public figures.  I can think of no other person to begin this segment with than our President.

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American Airlines Cave to the Pressure

Someone at AA thought up a policy to charge passengers $100 for checking a third bag. The airline has a policy of waving the fee for the first two bags for military personnel, but decided not to extend them the courtesy on the third bag. This meant the company was charging people flying to war $100 for a third bag and then urging them to expense it to the military. Somehow the morons at this company could not see how utterly vulgar that suggestion is to the American public. While Rush, Hannity and the other talking heads try to convince anyone that will listen that democrats are largely unpatriotic, the fact is a wide majority of people from both sides of the aisle are very patriotic. We all love our country and respect and honor those that put their life on the line in wars- whether we agree with the war or not. So it should come as no surprise to most of us that left leaning Keith Olbermann was one of the people that spoke up for the military personnel who were now subject to this the latest of patently exorbitant airline fees. Thankfully AA has relented

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Dr. Seuss’s Political Cartoons

Before Suess began his epic children’s book career he drew adverts for companies and penned political cartoons.  Check’em out below and then hit up the link.

Here are a few:

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