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Atheism vs China

The difference between being anti-christian and atheist is one simply does not believe in any god and allows everyone to worship whatever they want and the other tried to stomp out christianity as a way of worship.  A wide majority of atheist are *not* anti-christian.  Though many of us point out the inconsistencies as we see them with religions, at the end of the day we agree that people should be free to worship or not worship what they want.

Square this with our “most favored trade partner”, China.  They recently stole 300 bibles from a christian group who had arrived to give out bibles for free to whomever wanted them.  There was no theological argument here, no explanation of why this group could not give away the book they believe in, they just took the mother fuckers like thugs running free in post-apocalyptic Bangkok.


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Your Little Bundle of Joy Will Slowly Ruin Your Life

Pregnant women and fathers-to-be, take heed: That “bun” in the oven will ruin your mental health.


In a recent study conducted by Florida State University’s sociology program, results show that parents as a whole “experience lower levels of emotional well-being, less frequent positive emotions and more frequent negative emotions than their childless peers,” according to Dr. Robin Simon of FSU.

As a whole. Not one single group of parents, be it married, single, step-, or even empty nesters report significant greater emotional well-being than adults who never have children.

Practical use? It’s obvious. Stop having kids, no more war.


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