Hate Media At A Loss For Words

I occasionally listen to one or more of the hate media mouthpieces just to see what they are up to.  Yesterday (Sunday—yes they rerun this drivel on Sunday) I spent a little time listening to Rush Limbaugh who was crying the blues about the loss of the election to the Democrats in spite of the carefully crafted fantasies the conservatives  had spun.  None of it worked, he moaned.

For the uninitiated a few definitions are in order and then I will let you in on what El Trashmouth  had to say.

The hate media are those institutions and their hired mouthpieces which are dedicated to spewing hatred–no this is not a discussion, not a debate, not even a shouting match– it is pure hatred,  spewed at mach 3,  twenty fours hours per day, three hundred and sixty five days per year.  Here are the major hate mongers:  On radio they are:  Rush, Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Neil Bortz, Laura Ingram and a host of others, but you get the general idea.  If you listen carefully you will find that most of these programs have little or no advertising support except for those shady outfits that sell nostrums that are supposed to cure everything from impotence to hives.  They hark back to the early days of radio and a charlatan named Goat Gland Brinkley who peddled Goat Gland extract as the cure for everything from bee stings to boils.  In short the reactionary, proto fascistic right has taken a page out of Paddy Chayefsky’s prescient screen play, Network, where a right wing ideologue keeps the Madman, Howard Beale, on as anchor in order to spew his particular brand of right wing ideological claptrap..  It is worth it to the proto fascisti to own and control the media and program them with hatred for anything that stands in the way of their power and theft capitalism.  It is seen as a loss leader, an investment in the future mindset of the unwashed masses, a control mechanism.  Peter Finch’s portrayal of the insane Howard Beale and Rush Limbaugh’s rantings are interchangeable.  Network premiered in 1976.  Need I remind anyone that 1984 has long since come and gone.

On television the worst offender is Fox Fiction, a supposed news service that is merely a propaganda arm for the extreme ideology of its owner Ruppurt Murdoch.  The rest of the so called mainstream media is owned by large conglomerates and the so called journalists dance the corporate tune.  Fox is loaded with Republican operatives including a principal out of the Nixon administration making Fox Fiction a second rate burglary of the American airwaves.

Worried about the use of the term fascism?? Here is a definition of fascism from an online dictionary:

a system of government characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control, belligerent nationalism, racism, and militarism, etc.”

As Gore Vidal astutely pointed out, we have one party in this country with two right wings.  Well, enough of the technical stuff.

What did Limbaugh say?

Well he ticked through a list of slurs they had used to try to defeat Barack Obama.  He was messianic and had a messiah complex.  He was going to do away with coal mining and bankrupt the coal companies and put the coal companies out of business, he was an elitist who saw most Americans as “Bitter Clingers” to God and Guns, etc.  Well none of it worked and now the new strategy had to be not to attack Barack Obama, the new Teflon candidate, but to attack his policies as collectivist—here anyone one with any sense of history reads “Communist.”  They tried “socialist” and that failed to gain traction.  Now the buzzword of the reactionary right will be one step removed from Communist, since after the McCarthyism of the fifties, that word elicits a reaction akin to calling someone the “N” word.

Of course it never seemed to occur to Limbaugh that the reactionary right lost the election because they had controlled all of the branches of government for all but two of the last eight years and had driven the country into a deep and muck filled ditch.  They didn’t lose because the neo cons had trashed the good name of this wonderful country and made us into a shameful shadow of our former selves.  They didn’t lose because Wall Street thieves were allowed to descend on good working people like a plague of locusts and loot pension funds, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and dozens of banks and financial institutions.  They didn’t lose because the greed and incompetence of the administration and its continued rush to de regulation allowed these freebooters to steal everything that wasn’t nailed down.  They didn’t lose because they sullied the good name of the country with an unprovoked aggressive war against Iraq, and an over reaction to 9 11 against Afghanastan—never mind the oil pipeline—and made names like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo part of the international lexicon.  Never mind the proto fascism of the Patriot Act.  Never mind the warrantless spying on their political opponents.  Never mind the screw ups in education, energy, environmental issues and emergency relief.  Never mind Katrina.  Never mind the Louisiana levees that didn’t stand up or the Minnesota bridge that fell down.  Never mind any of the incompetence, the arrogance, the criminality, the viciousness.  Never mind.  They lost because they attacked Obama directly and it didn’t work.  Wow!  Are there people left out there who still actually believe any of this drivel??  If so, E.T., time to phone home.

One can look at this last election and take the high road.  America has grown up.  American is willing to evaluate on competence. American has finally shed its racist past.  Or, if one is of a more pragmatic mind, one can argue that Shrek, green, fat, ugly, stinking  Shrek could have beaten anyone the right wing fielded because they had screwed everything up so bloody badly.  Shrek and his donkey would have trounced anybody the right chose to run.  And may it be so for another 50 years,  since that is about the time span necessary to dig out of this pit into which they have cast the country.

Clearly, the Limbaughs and the Hannitys and the Igrams are going right to work to feed the hate machine.  Barack Obama needs to take note.  Barack Obama needs to have Congress revisit the deregulation of the media.

He needs to:

1. Revise the size of the FCC upward in order to gain a working majority as Reagan downsized it to do the same.

2. Appoint a strong FCC Chairman –somebody like Robert McChesney or Ralph Nader— who will bring Back the Fairness Doctrine and remind broadcasters that the airwaves are public property and to be used as such.

3. Break up the media monopolies.

And he needs to do this in the first one hundred days of his administration while he has the hate media on the ropes.  He needs to remind the public on a daily basis that it was the right wing reactionary proto fascisti that drove the country into the ditch.

Otherwise they will do as Limbaugh suggests:  Rope a dope him until they wear him out and perhaps the unwashed masses begin to listen to the hate media again.  But if Barack Obama is as smart as FDR and if Barack Obama is as tough as FDR Limbaugh and Hannity and O’Reilly and that crowd of nit wits will be left standing on a stump in cow pasture yelling through a megaphone to a herd of preoccupied Jersey milkers.

Don Singleton



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7 responses to “Hate Media At A Loss For Words

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  5. Hate speech? Why, because you say so? Utter nonsense! A free and unbiased press was affirmed under our constitution because the founding fathers saw it as a fundamental necessity in maintaining a free society. You argue that the conservative voices on the radio waves are biased? So what! The mainstream media has been in the tank for liberal Democrats and their agendas for decades! I don’t hear you taking issue with the garbage they promote.

    So, let’s just piss on the Constitution and start regulating speech. Why? Because we don’t agree with what you’re saying! Liberals love to whine about the Constitution being violated- unless they’re the ones proposing the violation. Everything is relative as long as you’re promoting the America YOU think is best.

    Liberal hipocrisy, at its finest.

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  7. vivalasryan


    Um, wow.

    Let me get out my pom poms… there we go.

    Ready? OK!
    Hold on wait a minute let us put some FACT in it go go-go-go-go-go RATIONALITY go go-go-go-go-go RATIONALITY.

    This is pissing on the Constitution, and banning gay marriage is not? Regulation of radio is violating free speech, but disbanding peace rallies is not violating freedom to assemble? (That one is the same Amendment, look it up.)

    I am a liberal who does not quite trust the Fairness Doctrine, and I don’t approve of it. But the strengthening of the FCC is necessary because the rules are so lacksidasical right now. The media monopolies DO need to be broken up. There are markets where Clearchannel, CBS, and other conglomorates own all channels on the air, or a crushing majority which does not allow for a competitive marketplace. Almost everything out here in Las Vegas is a CBS station, on both AM and FM. There is no liberal radio because the masters won’t allow for it. (“There’s no market–” Bullshit. Nevada voted Democrat in the election and Las Vegas is quite a blue area anyway.)

    I don’t agree with the Fairness Doctrine because I think it is intrinsically UNFAIR and this is where I split with my colleagues. I also co-host a boxing radio show called “3 More Rounds,” and until I am on the public airwaves (we are internet radio for now and we will soon be shopping for satellite) I don’t want to have to concern myself about crimespeak.

    Crimespeak, if you haven’t read ever, or just this novel, is a term from “1984” which is ungood (bad) speech against Big Brother, which is what we were sliding into back in 2005, which could be seen as the climax of Fox Propaganda Channel’s orgasm. It was also the time where you saw no stories critizing the Lord God Supreme Dictator Monkey-Faced Decider Guy or his Reich. Why? Because the Big Three (ABC, NBC, and CBS) feared the backlash. Why did Guantanamo Bay and waterboarding get swept under the rug so often? Backlash. Access denied. No access, no ratings. No ratings, no network. The Bush Reich put the screws to the media with a smile on their face. Except for Dick Cheney, who only smiles when he farts because it smells as foul as his soul.

    The Fairness Doctrine, if used by the wrong people, could wing itself back the other way just as easily as it has been used in the past. I will go out and say that I’d be less surprised to see Republicans abusing the Doctrine than Democrats, but either way I want free speech to be FREE. I don’t want to have to worry about being locked up because I disagree with John “Boner” Boener or Nancy Pelosi or anyone in government.

    On radio, your job is to entertain. If you proflagate yourself as a news or political talk show, you need to use facts. Errors are allowed, lies are not. THAT we need to watch, but the Fairness Doctrine is going too far.

    And your comments, Will, also went too far, because you crossed that line between ill-informed, and just plain wrong.

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