Hate Media Defiles Christmas

One would think the Hate Media would find one day out of the year to give their mewling and puking a rest.  Not so.  On Christmas Night I caught a portion of Michael Savage’s insanity on one of the clear channel AM’s as he went on at some length about how Barrack Obama was clearly involved in some deal to sell his  vacated Senate seat. Although Savage admitted he had not a shred of proof, he was certain in his own mind that Obama must be guilty of something.

On Christmas Eve I was monitoring Oxycontin’s Own Ma Limbaugh on the local AM outlet for this garbage and a substitute moron named Jason Lewis launched a screed about the collapse of the American economy. He has figured out in the dim recesses of his pea sized brain the exact cause of the collapse of the entire economy. As you wait breathlessly for the answer to the question: Who killed the American economy?, I will be happy to tell you that he doesn’t think it was the prosecution of two unnecessary and immoral wars which cost trillions added to the national debt by the borrow and waste Republicans. It was not the huge unregulated banks which loaned trillions of dollars on property of one third that value and then rolled the worthless notes into junk derivatives. It was not the SEC who looked the other way while the greatest robbery in history was committed. It was not the oil companies which gouged the bejesus out of the American public or the war profiteers who wasted billions in Iraq, nor the privatization of the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, nor the huge tax cuts for the wealthy. No! None of these! It was, gasp and clutch your heart, Congressman Barney Frank and the liberals.

If this kind of idiocy was confined to the mutterings of the occasional homeless lunatic walking down the street waving his arms about and jabbering to himself, one would not care. But when a public property, the broadcast airwaves, is dedicated to this intellectual filth one should be concerned. After all impressionable children are listening. One should complain to the FCC and to one’s Congressional delegation. We need to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. And one should never ever buy any product advertised on any program carried by the stations that allow this crap on the air. Finally, one should write to the companies who advertise on these stations and notify them that you will never buy their products if they continue to allow their products to be advertised in the middle of these idiotic rants. Vote with you dollars. Voice your concerns. It is guaranteed that the advertisers will get the message.

A Merry Christmas to all, even to Oxycontin’s Own Ma Limbaugh.



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