Oxycontin”s Own Ma Limbaugh

Well, if the hate media were not on your radar before, they surely must be now. Outrageously, Oxycontin’s Own Ma Limbaugh has declared that he hopes President Obama fails. This, of course, in support of the right wing reactionaries who drove the country into the economic and diplomatic ditch in which it presently finds itself. Can you imagine what this pack of hate mongers would have said if a commentator barely left of –oh I don’t know just pick any one of the dictators our country is so fond of supporting—had said such a thing about Ronnie Raygun or one of the Bushes?

Michael Savage is on the air suggesting that President Obama is a Marxist and the rest of this evil pack is slobbering and foaming at the mouth as they yap and yammer along behind. And as this band of reactionary hired garbage-mouths mewl and puke, the Republicans have returned to the surly ways that always make their service as the minority in Congress a disservice to the country. They were all over the Sunday “gas shows” screaming for more tax cuts for the wealthy and more loot for the Pentagon. That seems like an incredible waste of resources to anyone with half a brain—sorry for using that phrase since Oxycontin’s Own Ma Limbaugh is fond of saying he can defeat the left with half his brain tied behind his back. Unfortunately, he clearly never had half a brain to begin with and if you measured that dipstick’s oxycontin-addled grey matter you would surely come up a couple of quarts low.

And wouldn’t you think that the Republicans would be careful not to let Mitch McConnell near a television camera or microphone. As one of the Senate’s number famously said: “You don’t have to pass an I.Q test to get into the Senate.” Heaven knows McConnell proves that statement to be an adage of singular merit. This is a guy who must have to hire someone to shave him since anyone with a modicum of intelligence or sense of decency could not represent the tobacco interests and the rest of the vermin in his lobbying satchel without cutting his/or her on throat. McConnell represents the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to pushing the agendas of bad dirt. When that crowd of neo cons was busily driving the country into the ditch McConnell was busily loading up the Christmas Tree bills the Congress passed. Now that the Democrats are burdened with cleaning up the mess they made, he is suddenly pretending to be a fiscal conservative. He and that pack of running dog reactionaries are just like cigarettes. They advertise sex and pleasure and then kill you dead as four o‘clock

So the Democrats, having captured the vampire, now must drive a stake through its heart. One would hope that President Obama and the Congress will grew weary of this attack machine and that they will…

Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine.

Don Singleton
February 2, 2009



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4 responses to “Oxycontin”s Own Ma Limbaugh

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  3. JoeEllisSeattle

    Wow! You guys sure do careful read and thoroughly digest the Democratic party’s “talking points”. That does, I must admit, make your blogging chores a lot easier — no need for any fresh thinking or new dialog.

  4. JoeEllisSeattle

    Wow! You guys sure do carefully read and thoroughly digest the Democratic party’s “talking points”. That does, I must admit, make your blogging chores a lot easier — no need for any fresh thinking or new dialog.

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