Progressive Democrats

Here is a link which all progressives, liberals, and patriotic Americans should have on their desk top:

• Here is a part of their agenda:

• No More Funds for Iraq
• Don’t Attack Iran
• Tell Congress to Require Paper Ballots
We also invite you to sign our most recent petitions:
• Urge Obama to Appoint Special Prosecutor for Bush War Crimes
• Change the Media: No More Crooks and Liars
• Boycott FOX News Advertisers

Perhaps Democrats will finally wake up.
Don Singleton


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One response to “Progressive Democrats

  1. I am unsure what a progressive democrat is any more. I wonder whether any of those who claim that title have noticed that with the huge mandate for change, and the overwhelming margins in the house and respectable, but narrower advantages in the Senate, the big agenda has barely changed. We are still waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan, although emphasis may be changing, and the rich are still paying taxes at the reduced rate implemented by Mr. Bush. The Democratic leadership are still tip-toeing around as though they are afraid that they might offend the toxic sensibilities of the Republicans (have you noticed the contempt dripping from Lindsey Graham, Cornyn, Kyle, or Mitch McChinless? ), and the Prez acts as though someone might reverse the election results at any moment. Yes, we are all preoccupied with the economy, but, as with the Iraq war, Obama is going to own it in a very short while. Rachel Maddow knows some history – knows what worked and what didn’t in the last depression, and isn’t afraid to point out that the “compromises” with the Republicans weaken the measures being put in place to fight the spiraling economy. But you don’t hear much from the Congressional leaders on that point. Obama should be making the Republicans pay for advocating positions that make recovery measures tougher. So far, he has not done so and all Biden seems to want to do is make sure every reactionary in Israel knows that Obama/Biden LOVE Israel unconditionally, no matter what atrocities they visit on the heads of the Gazans and West Bank Palestinians. They grabbed 435 more acres in the West Bank yesterday – another “settlement” – read armed camp outpost.

    The progressive Democrat has to be a very confused animal at this point.

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