Hate Radio Reaches a New Low


The latest in a long line of racial slurs to come out of Tammy Bruce’s pie hole is the assertion that the Obamas are “trash” living in the white house.  This is not her first offense and she has been repeatedly fired for spewing this stuff.  The pertinent questions are:  Why and How does she get back on the air and who is responsible. 


Tammy Bruce clearly has lots of anger that reaches more deeply than her revulsion at living in a homophobic society and supporting a homophobic Republican Party.   Her need to belong is reflective of the deep seated need of many homosexuals (and any body else in this society who is “the other,”– blacks, the poor, the disabled, etc–. I might add) to find some sense of belonging in a hostile society.  It appears that most of these right wing bloviators and demagogues are all somehow different.  They all appear to be psychologically unhinged and remind one of the old saw from college days.  Psychology and Psychiatry are not medicine; they are diseases in search of a cure.  So too the hate mongers are bent or diseased and are searching for some sort of cure by spewing hatred against all those who they view as somehow “different.”  They choose to deride and defame those they view as powerless and defenseless as a means of currying favor with the powerful and so collect their paychecks in the service of truly vile ideologues. 



I believe the conservatism of this crowd of harpies is born of self revulsion and self hate.  Note that none of these people have ever done a day’s honest labor and most,  no doubt,  do not have the practical wisdom to get in out of a shower of shit.  In short these folks are ill equipped to do anything except spew hatred.  For this they are paid by the large corporations who have been allowed to buy up licenses and close off the public airways to intelligent discussion of ideas.


If I were Barack Obama, no half witted mentally deficient blowhard would be allowed access to the public airwaves to spew hatred at my family.  His stewardship should extend to protecting his family and the American people from this kind of radioactive, racial invective.  Those who hold broadcasting licenses would be placed on notice that the day of this sort of garbage is over.  When the FCC was manned by decent folks who represented the American Public,  stations waved goodbye to their licenses when they acted in such an irresponsible manner.  As for the return of the Fairness Doctrine impacting the quality of journalism or freedom of speech, I would merely point out that in the heyday of Edward R. Murrow’s career at CBS the Fairness Doctrine was in full flower and it was Joe McCarthy’s exercise of his right of reply that gave the American public its first full frontal view of this demagogue.


Stations are licensed to operate in the public interest convenience and necessity. The garbage spewed by Tammy Bruce, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, O’Reilly, etc, etc is not in the public interest, not for the public convenience and it damned sure ain’t necessary.  We’ve had thirty years of  right wing cant and see where it has gotten us.  The economy is, along with these piles of dooky, right in the shitter and we are mired in two wars which are clearly unwinnable and which threaten to explode into regional conflicts at any moment, and the government is either so completely corrupt that it cannot act to clean up the financial sector or is completely paralyzed by fear.  Enough already!  The FCC should reinstate the Fairness Doctrine and put a WWF Smack Down two or three dozen of these mewling, puking hate radio and television outfits


Never Vote for an Incumbent

Don Singleton

Monday March 30, 2009        



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3 responses to “Hate Radio Reaches a New Low

  1. Yomama

    I completely agree. Hugo Chavez certainly would too. While the Government is at it, they should also monitor the Internet to eradicate any speech or thoughts that express personal opinions or choices that They determine are not acceptable. No matter what your political affiliation the Fairness Doctrine is a scary concept and far oversteps the bounds of government. Suppression of any speech is unlawful and unconstitutional. There is a simple solution to this whole issue. It’s a secret but I’m happy to share with the 3 people that visit this site. Here it is…..If you don’t like what you hear, change the channel. Its that simple. Besides, if the Fairness Doctrine is instituted and in the spirit of true fairness, it would have to be applied across all media and in these economic times I don’t think the country can afford to have hundreds of thousands of unemployed newspaper ‘journalists’ and cable news network ‘reporters’.

  2. Why do people who haven’t a clue as to what the Fairness Doctrine is/was get their panties in such a twist. The Fairness doctrine worked just fine, thank you, from the early days of Radio right up to the point in the FF Reagan administration when two reactionary judges declared that it was not law–clearly an erroneous call and one full of right wing idology. I won’t bore you with the full history but the full Supreme
    court of this land held the Fainess Doctrine Constitutional. So my good person you haven’t a clue, and oops, your fascist underwear is showing. As for putting so called journalists out of work, I’ll vote for that given the low state of so called journalism in this country. I can count on the fingers of one hand all the journialist I would miss if they all were put to work sweeping the streets.

  3. Yomama

    At least we can agree on the present state of the media in this country. As for your assertion that I’m spouting right wing ideology, I wholeheartedly have to disagree. Contrary to your opinion, I know quite well what the Fairness Doctrine is and what it is ultimately engineered to accomplish. It essentially serves as a means to force private entities to operate in a manner the government dictates to be best for its citizens. It was instated in 1949 when radio and newspapers were the primary means for citizens to acquire news and information. It may have made some sense in the past (however flawed and perverted it is in hindsight) but certainly doesn’t apply today with the proliferation of television and the Internet.

    Why must the government make these decisions for me/us? There have been plenty of attempts at a variety of talk radio formats that have failed ( ex. Air America – mentioned b/c it was a huge failure; the format is a coincidence). If these stations had created viable content that people deemed as worthy, commonsense would suspect that they would still be around. NPR seems to be doing fine but no one that’s pro-Fairness wants to bring that topic to the discussion. Besides, it’s common knowledge that liberals get their propaganda from MSNBC, CNN, and essentially every newspaper in the country; just as Repubs turn to talk radio and Fox News. You would think that Congress would have more important things to worry about then how individuals fail to educate themselves….like how to placate the masses so they can knock this country off its foundation for their personal benefit.

    The Supreme Court isn’t always right and was not in their original assessment of the Fairness Doctrine. Fortunately they realized the err of their ways because five years later they warned that the Doctrine “inescapably dampens the vigor and limits the variety of public debate” (Miami Herald Publishing Co. v. Tornillo, 418 U.S. 241). Then again in 1984 (FCC v. League of Women Voters, 468 U.S. 364) essentially saying that the Doctrine was limiting the breadth of public debate. Three years later it was abolished.

    As for my fascist underwear, you imagining me in my underwear makes me very uncomfortable (yet I’m disturbingly flattered you’ve made a conscience effort to envision it). Besides, wouldn’t defending our right of freedom of speech on any and all levels be anti-fascist? Or do sheeple like you try to interject the word of the day from your Conspiracies of Logic Calendar whether it applies or not. For future reference, you may use my explanation of the Fairness Doctrine’s intent from above as an illustration of the ‘ground work towards fascism’ in other, future debates.

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