What Would Jesus Do??

In one of the Star Trek (OS) episodes the Enterprise is taken over by a group of aliens who have a device that turns humans in to blocks of minerals at the touch of a button.  Too bad these Cinder-rays are not readily available at Target or Costco as a defense against the so called Christian reactionaries who write such hateful garbage about the Obamas.  Here is the latest outrage: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chris-kelly/townhall-michelle-obama-i_b_177947.html


These clowns are a certain argument that there is no intelligent design and that God is dead, asleep or out to lunch.  Maybe he’s just too busy trying to straighten out the banking mess caused by the Republican Wall Street greedheads to pay attention to cackling Ravens much less the fall of sparrows.  Therefore, since God is busy, I would like to be Jesus for a day and take my aforementioned Cinder-ray and put it to good use.  I would make a long list,  and as these fat oafish, bloviating,  windgbags huffed and puffed and regurgitated their bile, I would in my loudest God like voice say something like:  O’Reilly you just piss me off.  Then I would turn him into a salt block.  I would wait until Oxycontin’s Own Ma Limbaugh was in the middle of one of his rants and say in the loud God voice:  Limbaugh you are no longer a Big Fat Idiot.  You are a small skinny hexahedron.  Then I would fry his dead dumb ass.  The list would be long and satisfying:   Hannity, Tammy Bruce, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and the rest of that crowd of Hate Radio and Hate Television mouthpieces.  They all roundly deserve to be turned into salt blocks.


The neat thing about the Cinder-ray was that it could restore the salt blocks.  So after these morons served an adequate time out, I would return them to their former state.  Just kidding! 


Yeah, yeah, I know all that crap about forgiveness and turning the other cheek but that wears painfully thin after a time.  And maybe God forgives these peckerwoods for their venomous attacks but Lyle Lovette nailed it for most of us:  “God does but I don’t and God will but I won’t and that the difference between God and me.”


Don Singleton

April 8 2009     



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6 responses to “What Would Jesus Do??

  1. Don, while I understand the need to get angry and righteously so about hate media, I still don’t understand how saying hateful things about them, such as turning them into mineral cubes, is going to fix the problem. Isn’t that just a tad reactionary?

    Yes, anyone right wing that thinks Obama is being the antichrist is a little absurd, but I mean, just cause they think he’s the antichrist doesn’t mean it would be in the Will of God to slaughter them into building blocks of their former selves.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong, cause you know, you’re right, and I’m just a useless college student who doesn’t participate in politics, but I just find it more useful to let them play out their stupidity rather than enact our own, just like I told the last guy who posted stuff like that on Morning Cup of Coffee.

    I just don’t see the concept of fighting hate radio with hate blogging. Just saying.

  2. Don Singleton

    Hi Dylan,
    Oops! I thought it was clear the business about the cinder ray was tongue in cheek. I don’t think they they are available at Costco–yet. Just wishful thinking. But to your more germane point about not responding to these peckerwoods—-that is like allowing racist speech or a KKK march down main street with out response. The answer to hate speech is truthful speech, the answer to propaganda is to challenge it up front and out loud, for it is only unchallenged propaganda that is effective. I don’t believe in suffereing fools gladly. We need to hold the mouthpieces up to redicule; we need to kick their asses verbally, and as becessaryt face them down. When they challenge us to a knife fight we need to respond “Chicago Style.” And then they go away.

  3. I’m now even more baffled that you would reference The Untouchables. I figured you’d hate that movie as well hahahah. Guess there are SOME crappy “classics” that you can ingest.

    The thing is though the “hate media” isn’t going to go away. The more crazy “liberals” act in response to their crazy actions, the more power they are given. Its like when two kids fight, and the one that was getting picked on starts screaming and acting crazy. Yes, it draws attention and someone comes over to monitor it, but it starts making the picked on kid look even more unstable than the picker-onner.

    Personal experience really.

    But as for open arguments with the Hate Media people, we know they’re ignorant, but some people will always listen to them. To stop them , it is just better to start saying more positive things about our side of the issue. What did our people do right? I’d love to hear that. Tom has posted a few things like that about people like Obama and Biden, even more so, and it got me interested enough and lead me away from the cynical-side of college politics. It got me to vote.

    You only give more power to negativity by mentioning negativity. Might sound too metaphysical, but hell, it is. This is something Mother Teresa (as pure a soul if there ever was one) openly believed in. We’ve already learned that this country prefers speakers who inspire, and hate those who promote fears. That is why “we” won. It’s time for us all to start thinking differently. We need to be better than our enemies. They are holding the human race, as a whole, back.

    I personally believe you aren’t kicking anyone’s ass verbally by sinking to their level. The most powerful thing a human can do in a situation like this is show the powerlessness of their opponent, to provide them with an image of not only stoicism, but achievement regardless of criticism- to best the naysayers by proving them wrong. Otherwise do we really believe in what we say we believe in, or are we just hoping we ARE better than our enemies? Is it just a farce that we are trying to maintain, an illusion we are trying to keep “clean” ?

    Now thankfully this little argument has inspired me to read the link you posted, however I glazed over it the first time through, because I was too busy trying to laugh at the jokes put forth and whatnot. The article that you linked to cleverly deals with the problem by quoting it, showing off the evil words of the Enemy, and then hitting it back with moral concerns and logistic fact. Its the kind of article that would get me to contact Salem Communications or whoever is in charge of that idiot that said those remarks and complain.

    Because we should complain. We should always complain, we should always show complaint. We should be honest about it and direct. We should be completely up front about issues.

    But if we paint menacing pictures and allow ourselves to get facetious for the sake of portraying an “EXTREME!!!” mountain-dew-flavored argument, in my useless college opinion, we have already lost.

    Mind you there are a few exceptions to this rule: When the second Election Of Bush was nearing its rise there were two things that got me interested, and I’m sure you detest both of them: Eminem and South Park. Those two media influences tried to piss people off into doing the right thing, but they also lead shee-ple to start spreading malevolent stupid misinformation that made Kerry look just as unreliable (if not worse because he inspired just as many sheeple on the one side) as Bush.

    This has gone on long enough, so I’ll just come full circle: no one on that playground I mentioned earlier believes the kid who was picked on and decided to hit back. You both get in trouble, you both look bad, and if you DO look good, well let’s face it, the only people looking up to you are the crazy revolutionaries who want the RIGHT to start hitting people. The right to use a “big stick” before speaking softly, the right to start focusing on how they can hit back, rather than the right they already have to learn how to diffuse the situation.

    I’ll always be a person who believes in hitting back, I’m nor gonna lie, but you’ll be damned sure to hear me say something first. Because deep down I know that hitting back is me unleashing a crazy, primitive side, and is only going to make them hit back harder the next time. Eventually we’re both gonna get detention, suspension, or expulsion.

    Hate fighting hate will just lead the human race to mutual expulsion on the playground of life.

    Ok, that’s all, sorry for the thesis paper.

  4. Don Singleton

    We live in a society that is devoted to militarism and violence. I have opposed both at every turn. We are, however, faced with a highly organized, well oiled, propaganda machine that churns out the most nonstop garbage . They use public property to do so. If college students cannot connect the dots between the horrible mess the country now finds itself in–the economy is off a cliff, we are involved in two illegal and unwinnable wars with no end in sight–and the avalanche of propaganda from reactionary, proto-fascist right then we need a lot more folks taking their garbage to task in a direct way. Enough already.

  5. Don,

    So if we are living in a society devoted to militarism and violence, the only way to beat them is to provide them with enough hate-filled speech, right back at them, so that we can trigger their guns on us. Your generation (or at least one closer to you) saw how even peaceable moves towards that lead to Kent State, SCU, etc. What if the fighting became fighting on both sides?

    Of course college students can connect the dots. People of our age group are being affected (or effected, I’m bad with that part of grammar) far more than those older than us.

    Let me clarify that before my senior people out there start erupting steam from their cranial cavities:

    We are in the PRIME of our lives, us college folk, and the second we manage to step out of those doors, it doesn’t matter what diploma we have: no one but a DIRECT FAMILY MEMBER will hire us for more than minimum wage, if that. Everyone I know who graduated last year, even with great grades, double majors, or being top of the class with extra curricular activities on the side, is broke, broker, and not getting any better. Oh, plus we all have loans. If Obama wants to make a REAL change, that’s where he should start: Us, not anyone else, because in 10-20 years no one older than us is really gonna matter. If we even survive that long.

    OK now back to point about this propaganda thing:

    We have public property we use to get back at them: Daily Show, Colbert Report, South Park, that Religulous guy, Dennis Miller (well no…never mind on that one), Hollywood, etc etc etc. And what happens every time even one of the smart ones say something about this government?

    Bill O’Reilly makes a silly joke about how we don’t love America and how we’re bad, terrible people. Yep, its more propaganda, but aside from shooting “Papa Bear” you’re not gonna do anything about it. We live in a country that was divided over 100 years ago and it still hasn’t really changed. The further south you go, the more popular NASCAR becomes, and thus with the dearth ( I hope that’s the right word) of society’s figurative intelligence. And voting ideals.

    These are some of the most reactionary people on the planet, they instantaneously place their vote, and they get mocked every Sunday by their own beloved Fox Network by King of The Hill, which they still watch. Their is no stopping the Idiotic Machine. It is far more powerful than the Propaganda Machine, for the latter only operates where and when the former most prominently exists. We have too many dumb people in this country, Harsh Language to Support Arguments Only Makes Them Dumber. Say something sarcastic, or something that calls out something they DID, or say something your person has done right.

    But going “you’re an idiot, and you should be shot,” is exactly what the Bloods and the Crips do every Saturday night when they go outside, strappin wit gats, cruisin down da boulevard, lookin for a homey to cap. If Don wanna play dat game, Don can play tha game. Dylan aint gonna thug.


    You are a brilliant guy, and have served as a great mentor in the past. But your respective arguments throughout this little-blog off (which I think is important enough to merit our individual comments) have been repetitious. Pragmatic. And while I LOVE an old-school brawl I would never use it to achieve anything other than territoriality- if I was a wild animal anyways.

    But I’m not, I’m a human being, I will not TAKE crap anymore from my government, from these idiots on television, and I will argue with people when I think they’re wrong. And if I don’t win, that’s that. You can’t change people’s minds with aggression–only can you do so by winning them over to your side with love, or at least a cool head.

    But I gotta tell ya, the people you should be aiming to get on your side, the ones that really count, are the people like me, in the middle, refusing to trust any side, any person, anyone’s word. Get us paranoiacs on your team and you’ll have fact seeker/checker/assassins who you’d die to have batting for you.

    Act reactionary, and us middletons are pretty much turned off, ignoring, and waiting for the other person to say something non-reactionary. It’s communication 101.

    With Obama winning the race, liberals and middletons are now more united than ever. Don’t scare off the support you’ve gained. Just because we beat the right doesn’t mean we should rub it in their face, turn into them, and start snorting coke with Ol’ W. That’s just be tactless.

  6. Well Dylan, as much as I have enjoyed our colloquy, I promise this is the last retort. I could be unkind and whack you but instead I am going to suggest you look up the term “straw man.” This argumentation tactic is not quite honest and doesn’t help you make any sort of case. I did not say, nor do I condone most of the stuff you seem to attribute to my argument. A good course in logic would help. A lot of history would help even more.

    Here are the points I have made that seem germane to me. One should oppose dishonesty, propaganda, and out right lying wherever one can. That is Communication 101. The consequences of not doing so culminate inevitably in places like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. If those two places don’t make you ashamed to be an American then there is something badly wrong with your moral compass. Evil is to be confronted forthrightly, and without apology. I suggest you spend some time with Dr. Martin Luther and King and Mahatma Gandhi.

    Understand the difference between satire and straight prose. Learn to sort hyperbole from fact.

    We need to: Re- take the American airwaves for benefit of the American Public.
    One should not allow a public property to be abused by a bunch of reactionary Oligarchs who have only their own interests and those of their paymasters’ at heart.
    All of the programs you cite as possible antidotes are privately owned cable programs and I don’t recall any application of the Fairness Doctrine to cable programs or entertainment programs. These programs hardly balance the continuous drone of the reactionary propaganda machine. At issue here is over the air broadcasting—hate radio and hate television. I reiterate these airwaves are by law public property. There is a limited number of these licenses and they are all now held—not owned—held by a small number of very large and very powerful reactionary corporations. The American public has a right and a duty to access these airwaves to respond to the constant propaganda spewed by these corporations. Returning the Fairness Doctrine will make it so.

    Violence is rarely a good answer to anything. I have actively opposed the two illegal and immoral wars we are now conducting in Afghanistan and Iraq. You know very well that members of the Peace Alliance of the Lower Shore have stood in silent protest against these wars every Sunday outside the institution that is referred to locally as a University. You came by on at least one occasion and waved to us. That protest began before the war against Iraq started and continues to this day. We have written letters, held public protests, invited speakers, created a coffee house, and held annual observances to oppose these wars. So my question to you is what are you doing to stop these wars?

    If you cannot connect the dots between the waste represented by these wars, in both blood and treasure, and the present state of the economy, then your just aren’t paying attention. If you don’t know that one of the first acts of Ronald Reagan as Governor was to smack a large tuition charge on attending the state owned Universities in California, which had up to that time been free, then you need to look carefully at the history of the past forty years or so and note the War On the Middle Class, the working class and the poor run by the same reactionaries that created Hate Radio and Hate Television. Their message at bottom is this: Socialism for the rich and rob everyone else of everything they can get their hands on.

    I agree that it is a sin and a pure evil that young people graduate from college owing four or five time more than the cost of my first house. I recently saw a member of
    Congress who must be in her late forties who said that she had just finished paying her student loans.

    If you are under 18 years of age in this country you cannot make a decision to drink a beer but you can sign up to get your limbs blown off. Can you make any sense of that?

    You made a reference to “my” generation in your comment about Kent Sate. Just as information, Kent State was not the only murderous attack on war protesters by the government. There was a similar incident at Jackson State, much less widely reported. Let me point out what my generation did, in spite of these attacks. Contrary to the thousands of words that have been written to try to paint the students of the sixties as a bunch of dope crazed radicals, that generation was instrumental in ridding the country of segregation and after a prolonged struggle, shut down the Viet Nam War. What the hell have you guys done? I’ll admit that the present wars must seem far away since your voting cohort is safe at college and in no danger of being snatched up and sent half way round the world to get your family jewels blown off. Once the establishment discovered that young people were not quite as stupid as they thought, they instituted the “all volunteer” military. Now, this country has a mercenary military that baits the poor, helpless and hopeless to enlist as the cannon fodder needed to pursue these oil wars and to maintain the empire. Note that because the economy is in the crapper, enlistments are now up as many young people see the military as the best of bad alternatives.

    The all volunteer military is a terrible idea. It removes the disincentive against starting oil wars at the drop of a hat—middle class America is not too keen on spending thousands of dollars to send their kids to college only to see them come home in body bags. If you had not slept through history class (or more likely if the matter had been addressed in history class) you would know that this is a hard lesson learned by Lyndon Johnson (who chose not to run for reelection) and Richard Nixon (who was driven from office).

    When the Wars were declared and enlistments plummeted, the Pentagon turned to using the National Guard and the reserve as a back door draft. This action destroys families. As cold as it sounds, a smart society sacrifices its young, stupid and unattached to fight its wars. Cold indeed, but clear eyed and pragmatic. You do not send those into battle who are going to leave widows and orphans behind.

    You never, ever put the military in harm’s way unless absolutely necessary. Oil, and empire built on cheap oil sold through jingoistic hate media just do not qualify.

    Additionally, when you do not have a universal service requirement the general population loses those folks who served in the military and come home with the experience that service in the military is wasted time and useless effort. Smart Veterans tend to wonder, why exactly, we pour almost half of every discretionary tax dollar into the Pentagon and the military industrial complex. I would direct you to a book written by one of the most decorated Marines in the history of the Corps called “War is A Racket.” Then I would suggest you read the speech Martin Luther King gave at the Riverside Church in New York shortly before he was assassinated which opposed the war in Viet Nam and the militarization of America. Choices are made between guns and butter. This country has in my lifetime always chosen guns. It is only when the younger generation who is being saddled with an enormous debt begins to realize what a rip off this is, that we may expect to see some real change. Then with a balanced national budget your kids may attend college for free, may have health care that is available to all and live in a society that is not predicated on welfare for the rich and “root hog or die.” for everyone else.

    What do most folks in the country know about the military? Nothing, nada, zip. You hear and know what the Pentagon propaganda operation churns out. You know what you see in the million dollar commercials that run on television and in the neighborhood theaters—millions by the way you shell out in taxes. The commercials don’t talk about the Few the Proud the Dead. They don’t talk about “Be All You Can Be” until the incoming hits and then you are all you can be in fifty different places.

    And finally as an end to this screed, you cannot get to peace and prosperity by being a good Nazi. At the end of the Second World War we rounded up a whole bunch of the Germans who were “just following orders,” just ignoring the propaganda and being good little Nazis. We marched them to Nuremburg, tried them for war crimes and hung their dead dumb asses. If you don’t feel like reading the history, have a look at “Judgment at Nuremburg.” If memory serves, Spencer Tracy played the trial judge. Or if you want to see something a little more up to date have a look at “The Reader.” If you cannot connect the dots between the propaganda these reactionary, hate mongers spew, program’s like “24” and places like Abu Grahib and wars like those fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, then the boat has sailed without you.

    A couple of asides vis a vis your reference to NASCAR and what Gore Vidal called the chigger states to the south. You need to know where you are living. When the segregationist Governor George Wallace of Alabama, who sounded much like the present day hate mongers on radio and television, ran for president he won the Maryland primary. Hello!! I have lived in a number of states in this fair country including four in the deep south and I can report to you that post the civil Rights movement, the Eastern Shore of Maryland is the only place I have ever heard bankers and University Vice Presidents use the “N” word as freely as they breath the air God gave them. If you want to know what the Eastern Shore is about I suggest you read a little history and if that doesn’t do it, then peruse H.L. Mencken’s famous description of the shore.

    And yes, we can fight back. Vote with your complaints and your dollars. Write to sponsors of hate radio and hate television. Tell them you will never buy their products if they continue to advertise on these programs. Then don’t use their products. I will not knowingly spend one dollar with a company that supports this kind of vile propaganda. While I understand you have spent most of your life in an educational system designed to teach you to sit down, shut up and do what you are told, you can fight back. Call your representatives in Congress and in the State Assembly. Do you even know who they are? You would be stunned to know how few people do. You would also be surprised at how many people at any given time do not know who the President of the united state is. Politicians are about getting re-elected and they listen to you when you are giving them money or getting them an opponent or organizing against them. Otherwise they listen to the hired mouthpieces.

    Too bad you weren’t around when Janet Horne and I were teaching Political Communication. You would know all this stuff.

    You have real passion, Dylan. Put it to good use.

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