We’re currently adding contributors so I took down the “About Us” section and put it in the “Read About Tom” section. I’ll fill this in when the other writers get some pieces under their belts and I get a sense of our collective direction or lack thereof.



6 responses to “Us

  1. Hey Tom! It’s Dylan from the Nexus TV show. I am really excited about reading this blog and will definitely add it to my top favorites! I look forward to reading it everyday. Good luck with your book dude!


  2. Best of luck; it looks great.

  3. bobinmb

    Sounds like a very strange group. Just one more set of left wing groupies hoping to make a statement.

  4. haha. At least we didn’t get called hippies, as the NRA might not keep me if I slid over to that side… whatever would I do with my guns?



  5. Ms. Contrarian

    I found you guys after the ‘moron’ post. In your free time, stop on by for a cup, as long as it’s not too early…

    Just getting tuned up, so please forgive the early growing pains and identity issues…


  6. Elina

    educative website and would like to sub

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