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The Knights Templar vs The Catholic Church?

People who believe themselves to be the descendents of the Knights Templar have filed suit against former Nazi Youth member Joseph Alois Ratzinger, who you probably know as Pope Benedict XVI, the current pope.  The heirs are seeking $150,000,000,000- that’s billion- in damages.

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If the Catholic Church was hard pressed to come off of dough and admit guilt to sexually abusing a multitude of still living children, then I find it highly improbably that this “christian” organization will budge on giving this group so much as the apology that they also seek.



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Kafka Fans Unite And Take Over

Sing the subject line to the tune of The Smiths song “Shoplifters of the World Unite” and then read on. Or, if you are unfamiliar with the song go at once to the bottom of this post and start the youtube video. Do it. Now.

Moving on.

If you are a fan of existentialism in all of its gray-toned, rainy day, I am suffering through this mortality with a joyless soul forms, then you should check out “Brysomme mannen, Den” or as it is known by its English title, “The Bothersome Man”. It’s obviously a foreign film, but if you are into existentialism then you’ll likely have no problem with that, in fact, you’ll probably watch it just so you can brag to your hipster buddies that you are more bla·sé than they. This film is pretty much what I would make if I were to tackle the theme. The cast does a great job, the sets are efficient and the story moves along unveiling a world that attempts to satiate the central character, Andreas, with every worldly happiness it can. Undaunted, the inner-EEyore must come out and our man is just not satisfied. Will nothing cure his empty, wretched soul?

And now it’s time for The Smiths

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