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Have it your way at Burger King…

Apparently in Xenia, Ohio, this includes having a bubble bath on the clock.  The participant goes by the name Mr. Unstable.  No shit.

How done with your job do you have to be to get naked and take a bath in the company sink in front of the staff?  What the fuck was the manager thinking?  I managed couple of corporate food outlets in my twenties and I know the little assholes you have to deal with in jobs like that, but I think I would have been hard pressed not to kick this prick’s ass.  We’re only talking about the health of the local community.




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The Tao of Travel II

This is a follow up to the previous post.

Bourdain’s comments inspired me to think about some rules of travel…  Here is what I wrote down in two emails and sent to some friends:

I think it [what Bourdain wrote] is brilliant!

Over the past several years I have really attempted to travel as a lifestyle.  In the beginning you visit Chicago or New York or Paris and come back with tales defining the experience and the place as a whole aka  “France was amazingggggg” .  Something strange happens when you begin to visit new places with some frequency.  You realize that you have not visited “France” as much as you enjoyed a singular experience.  Your trip was limited by your timing, personality, other people on the trip, your health (try having a good sick vacation), etc…  there are a ton of variables that all contribute to the cumulative thing you forevermore will refer to as your “Trip to France”.  I think Tony states as much when he writes, “I encounter some people — or take them along. They show me their lives.  We go some places –meet some friends. I tell you how that felt to me.  THAT’S what we do.”  And I think that is why so many people love the show.  His show is ultimately about his experience- it’s not as much about “look you can do this, too” like many of the other travel shows.  Sure, you can visit some of the same places- and should- but it’s the philosophy of the singular experience that makes his show- and your trip to France- great.  The politics?  Blah.  Travelers are above politics or should be.  It’s about the experience.

***************** 2nd Email********************

My number one rule is to respect the country and their rule.  My
application might be controversial. ..  when I ran with the bulls in
Pamplona, Spain, last year I found out they have the “running of the
nudes”.  No, no don’t get excited.  It’s a bunch of PETA people without
the balls/ovaries to actually run in the buff.  Instead, they wear
bathing suits and run through the streets protesting the run.  Now I am
all for the good people of Spain demonstrating, but I, as a US citizen,
do not think it is right for other Americans to travel to another
country and protest.  To belabor the point, I was against the Iraq war
from the beginning, but when I attended a concert by Canadian band
Skinny Puppy in Ohio and they were protesting America I was likewise
turned off.

Perhaps I watched too many original star trek episodes, but for me, the
prime directive of not interfering with “alien” cultures should be
respected.  I’m there to observe the culture and enjoy it, not try to
change it to favor mine (which would kinda defeat the point of

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The Tao of Travel

I subscribe to a Yahoo! email group that is centered on Chef Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain has a travel show on the Travel Channel called, “No Reservations”. Recently Bourdain wrote what I consider a manifesto for people who currently enjoy travel as a lifestyle or aspire to.

I have crafted a response, but I’ll give you a day to read Bourdain’s rant first…



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The Trip To Canada

Canada is always a welcome respite.  It allows me to gleefully shuck off the burdens of my everyday 24 hour news cycle, crackberry and internet driven insanity and replace it with wonderful food, friendly people, Cuban cigars and lovely, smoky scotch.

The first stop was Niagara Falls.  The falls is amazing, but the experience is limited to a few moments.  After gazing into the hydro-powered beauty for five minutes the time comes to acknowledge the sight and move along.  In my three trips to the area the city seems a bit limited.  It’s chock full of wax museums, knick knacks, bong shops and standard touristy schlock.

We walked around the area for a few hours and then began our search for dinner.  We found a good Chinese  place and ordered standard fair- sweet and sour chicken- done in two different ways.  I had the sauce placed directly on the chicken while fried and my dad had super breaded balls of chicken served with a side of the sweet and sour sauce.  The chicken balls were about twice the size as ping pong balls.  The breading looked to be a bit mushy, but he said the dinner was “ok”.  I think mine was better.  Next we hit up the hotel and turned in early so we could sleep off the 9 hour drive and awake ready to find breakfast and make the two hour trek to Toronto.

Tomorrow I’ll go into our day in Toronto and put up some pictures!!!



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When Your Waitress Becomes a Success

I was reading up on healthy eating and an article on Yahoo!’s front page fit the bill.  I read the well crafted article and noticed it was written by a lady named Sarah Fuss.  That sounded familiar.   Sarah.  Sarah Fuss.  Fuss.  I think I know that name.  I read her Yahoo! bio and saw her picture and was sure I had met her.  Upon reading the bio I discovered she used to sling plates at the Northstar restaurant in Columbus.  The Northstar is a bistro where casual organic meats, vegetarianism and hipsters collide.  It’s not for the non-adventurous eater nor a person with light pockets, but the food does pack a hell of a flavor.  My friend, and brief love interest, Kae Denino, author of “Glow” used to cook there.  I’m not sure if she introduced me to Ms. Fuss or we simply chatted while I downed their amazing meatloaf, but it is nice to see a person who slaved away in Columbus get their just rewards.



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PoMo Birthday?

Today I turned 35.

I slept it, well that’s what you normal people would call it, I actually only slept for 7 hours, but that is a lot for me. I crashed about 4am and finally arose a little after 11am.

First, I went to Brew River, a restaurant/bar built on the bank of the mighty Wicomico River, to check out their Sunday Brunch and had their Eggs Neptune which is an amazing concoction of poached eggs, over crab imperial on a toasted English muffin topped with hollandaise. It was fucking delicious! Every morsel in my mouth tasted like a lit bit of heaven mixed with a whole lot of sex. It was a sensual delight for my palette that felt as turned on as it did satiated at the end of the meal. I left with my stomach full, but my senses wanting more, more, more!

Then I strolled to a used video game store, bought a war game and round out my afternoon by killing Ruskies for Jesus.

I’ll likely round out the day just being lazy…

Ahhh yes, this getting old thing is fucking sweet.



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