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Savagely Stolen News: Beer Goggles

Science proves beer goggles?

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Of Free Speech, Janet’s Boob and the FCC

You know I have to comment on “Nipple Gate” aka Janet Jackson’s nipple at the super bowl. As most of you know the fine levied against CBS for the incident has been tossed out.

Here is my take.

I contend, with them and the original George Carlin lawsuit involving the FCC, that the government does not have the right to restrict free speech simply because it hates the words being used. Our freedom of speech should only be tempered in cases when the danger is clear, present and imminent- such as yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. However, using words like shit, piss, cocksucker, motherfucker, fuck, god damn, etc… should not be regulated because there is no provable negative effect that anyone can demonstrate in a controlled, scientifically sound experiment.

The republicans can always be counted on to invoke the “free market” as a “decider”. If something cannot make it on the free market, their theory goes, then it should die. I agree. I believe now that we are in an age with hundreds of television channels it is time to let the free market decide what programming is appropriate. If “family friendly” channels can make money then they obviously would spring up all over the place. As long as there are children to sell cereal to and religious adults afraid of speaking and acting in an “adult” fashion there will always be a market for them. We don’t need the FCC to regulate any speech, at all. Allowing the market to provide the right wingers with the programming they chose is the conservative thing to do. It would allow the liberals to cling to their cherished first amendment and the righties to ching to their free market ideology. Win meet win.




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Savagely Stolen Video: Yea, This About Sums It Up

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Savagely Stolen News

From time to time I will feature other people’s work that I find on the web and call the posts “Savagely Stolen News”. To be in SSN an article has to so cover the bases that I am left with nothing to add. I know, sounds impossible.

The first installment I found while reading the “Evil Slutopia” blog. It’s an article they wrote about on June 24th. It was penned by scribe Amanda Robb for the New York Times all the way back on October 17th, 2007, and was nominated for a “Sex Positive Journalism Award” by The piece is titled, “Abstinence 1, S-Chip 0”. Enjoy.



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