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You Gotta Bite… For Your Right…

OK, especially in boxing, this has got to be the weirdest Olympiad ever.

In boxing alone, there’s the boxer found unconscious in his room trying to make weight at a weight class he’s never fought at, the one who ran for the last thirty seconds losing the fight because he thought his corner was telling him to move, the one who stormed out of the ring because he “wasn’t feeling the vibe” after losing, and now… What is WRONG with people???

Boxer disqualified for biting Olympic opponent

Bottom of Form

BEIJING (AP)—A light heavyweight boxer from Tajikistan was disqualified for biting his opponent on the shoulder during their Olympic quarterfinal bout Tuesday night.

Dzhakhon Kurbanov’s bout with Kazakhstan’s Yerkebulan Shynaliyev was stopped with 17 seconds left in the third round when Kurbanov apparently bit Shynaliyev during a clinch.

Shynaliyev, who angrily showed the blood on his shoulder to the referee, led 12-6 at the time. Kurbanov had been warned multiple times for shoving and holding his opponent.

Kurbanov is a 22-year-old fighter who got off to an auspicious start in Beijing last week, beating world champion Abbos Atoev in his first bout. He won the 2005 Asian championships as a middleweight, and was competing in his first Olympics.

Oddly enough, the evening card at Workers’ Gymnasium was watched by Evander Holyfield, who was infamously bitten on the ear by Mike Tyson on June 28, 1997.


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The Man

Michael Phelps has nearly 50% of the USA’s Gold medals. He has 7 so far and our entire country has 15. To take it a step further, only three COUNTRIES have more Gold medals than Phelps. The USA, China and Germany.

Want more?

Only 11 countries have more TOTAL medals than Phelps’ has GOLD medals.

Isn’t that insane?

Where is Alain Bernard and his over-the-top bragging now?

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The “Celebrity Smack Blog” reports that the Rev Bob Levy and Danny Bonaduce are going to end their dispute in the ring on September 13th.  The following video shows the spawning of the drama.  I trained briefly as a boxer and when I was younger enjoyed a good fisticuffs, but I do not think I would ever want to take on Bonaduce.  The man has muscles on top of muscles and is a legit black belt (as opposed to the celebrity black belt- which is a star basically playing a karate master a sum of money to award them the belt).  In short, the man can crack and is knowledgable enough in the fight game to really fucking hurt most people- Rev Bob included.  Though I am not a fan of most celebrity boxing matches, I look forward to seeing Danny bring the pain to this one…

Bonaduce vs Levy

Bonaduce vs Levy

Here is the vid:

You can catch the fight for $5 LIVE on

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Another Video…

Oklahoma State football Coach Mike Gundy goes off on reporter reporter Jenni Carlson who wrote an article that gave her opinion on why Gundy benched the starting quarterback, Bobby Reid.  During the rant he said 3/4 of her story was fiction.  A week later Carlson confronted Gundy and asked him to point out any factual evidence and he responded with, “I don’t have to”.  I have no problem with Coach Gundy defending his player, but the manner he did it in was spiteful, ignorant, unprofessional and just plain wrong.

But that’s not my biggest complaint.  What I have a real problem with is how Gundy calls Reid a “kid” and uses the angle that a big, bad reporter picked on a “kid”.  Reid was 21 at the time of the article.

Meanwhile, 18 year old American “kids” were being shot at in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How in the fuck does he square this?

The cruel fact is, we, as a culture, believe people aged 18-23 in college *ARE* kids, while the population that goes to work in that age group are seen as adults.  Bobby Reid was not a child.  He was and is a grown man playing quarterback at a division I school.  He knew what he was getting into when he signed on to play in the rarefied air of being the starting QB at a division one school in football crazy Oklahoma.   And for whatever pressure Coach Gundy felt because of Carlson’s article he should count his lucky stars that the “bullets” being pointed at his team were made of words and not the lethal kind thousands of other American “kids” have to endure with courage, power and grace on a daily basis.

To bring this to a bottom line, Coach Gundy you’re an asshole.  Get over yourself.  Your total career record at as a head coach is 18-19.  You have a losing record.  Perhaps you should focus on that.

And now the video of his shame.

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Kobe, Tell Me How My…

Danger: Explicit Lyrics

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Favoritism in Boxing? Nah…

Being a boxing writer for over five years I know the sport inside and out.  I’ve seen people get title shots without ever beating anyone remotely in the top twenty.  I’ve witnessed terrible decisions that had to come down to gross incompentance or criminal corruption.  The decisions were so bad I can not think of any other variable.  While I am talking about the professional ranks where a won or loss can cost a fighter, his promoter and manager millions of dollars, life in Olympic boxing is also fraught with the same kind of unbelievably bad decisions.

Ask Roy Jones, Jr.

Jones “lost” to South Korean fighter Park Si-Hun, despite out landing Park 86 punches to 32.  That would be like scoring 10 runs in a baseball game while holding the other team to 1 and being declared the loser.  The decision was so bad the IOC was shamed into suspending all three judges that ruled in Park’s favor.  Unlike the 2002 Winter Olympics scandal where in the aftermath the IOC made Russian and Canadian figure skates co-gold medalist, Jones has never been given a reprieve.

That brings us to this year’s Olympics.  It is no different.  Lest you believe I am another biased American in my Olympic coverage (I am- though I try not to be), the Ukrainian team filed a protest over lightweight Oleksandr Klyuchko’s 10-8 loss to Hu Qing on Monday night. The protest was reviewed and denied.  Not to be outdone the Brits also jumped on the bandwagon with British bantamweight Joe Murray and his coach accusing Olympic judges of favoring his Chinese opponent Tuesday.  Finally, our US coach Dan Campbell didn’t like the scoring in medal favorite Rau’shee Warren’s upset loss to South Korea’s Lee Ok-sung.

Grrrrr…  looks like Russia doesn’t have the corner on being the Grinch who stole Olympic spirit from the world…


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Ha Ha on France

While “pundits” like Bill O’Reilly brought Americans things like “Freedom Fries” along with calling for a boycott of France for their lack of support in the run up to and beginning of the Iraq War, I stood by France. Well, stood by might be too strong to describe my position, I did not participate in their inane changing of the American fast food side dish staple. I didn’t agree with the Iraq War, but I didn’t agree with some countries having oil contracts with Iraq during our embargo, either. Nevertheless, I will join the anti-France American crowd this week in a collective roaring laugh at them and more specifically their arrogant (a Frenchmen arrogant?) swimmer Alain Bernard.

Bernard is the anchor of the French 4 x 100 meter relay team. In case you missed it, Bernard ponied up this quote before the Olympics, “The Americans? We’re going to smash them. That’s what we came here for,”.

What makes this story so remarkable is what actually happened. Bernard, a world record holding swimmer, is the anchor of the French team. Our Ace, Michael Phelps leads off the team. So America started out winning, but by the time the fourth and final leg came around Bernard was easily ahead. So far ahead NBC commentator Rowdy Gaines actually called the race for the French with about 60 meters left. Then something strange happened, Jason Lezak, who swims in the shadow of Phelps, overcame the lead and beat the braggart by the slimmest of margins.

So today we all bask in the glow of another American victory, but for those of us afflicted with what the Germans call “schadenfreude” we get a bonus out of this deal.

I believe it was Muhammad Ali that once said, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

And I tend to agree.

So what does that all boil down to?

If you brag and cannot back it up then you’re just talking merde… that is to say shit. Bernard, even as a world record holder, was talking shit and incredibly when he had the chance to back it up folded like a $2 tent from WalMart- though, admittedly, that might be a bit harsh- to WalMart’s tents!




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