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Yesterday was my son’s birthday.  My wife and I drove him about two hours to see “Journey to the Center of the Earth” in 3D at an IMax theater.   I could definitely find merit in a chorus of critics panning the movie, but I’m not going to.  I think it accomplished its goal- that being to demonstrate and invoke a sense of wonder in the viewer about the world.  While I am positive that there is no place in or near the center of the Earth that would sustain life the premise of the thought is an important one.  That being, don’t always agree with assumptions of theory.  If we all believed as gospel the assumptions of all of the theories that are propagated we would stall as a species.  It’s important for young minds (and old ones, too) to look beyond the pale of human knowledge and pursue with as much vigor as we can muster the mysteries of our world and those beyond it.  Exploring ideas such as space travel are important to us as a species.  We need it.  We lust for knowledge.  It kills us to know how ignorant we are.  We’ve been alive for thousands of years and still have not traveled to every place we can see from Earth.

Doesn’t the fact that we are born into a realm that has taken us thousands of years to visit fly and visit our moon and will take hundreds more before we visit other galaxys strike you as a bit odd?

If I allow for creationism/god for a moment, isn’t it weird that a being would create a race of beings and not allow them access into things they can see?  Is it a bit cruel that brilliant people like Galileo never got to fly, watch television, ride in a car or eat a hotdog, but most of us have?  What kind of god would create one of the world’s all time smartest people and not allow them to enjoy the fruits of their labor?

Ahhh, but enough of that, back to the movie.

You have to remember that it is a movie made for children.  It entertains, brings attention to Jules Verne and his work and kept my attention.  I recommend people to go see it.

More tomorrow on the trip…



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I Love Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat

Of course “Borat” is one character he developed into a movie. His new character is called “Bruno”. The new movie is being filmed now and last month took in some suckers that went to a MMA fight, that suddenly turned GAY. lol



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