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John McCain’s Nuclear Dream

McCain is one of the people backing nuclear power as a way to fight energy prices and possible shortages. Somehow it seems a lot of people think this is a good idea.

It is not.

Nuclear power has *NEVER* come close to making a profit or breaking even- it has always been subsidized by tax payers, such as the $24 BILLION gift we gave the industry in December. And let’s not even get into the possible environmental catastrophes and leaks such as Chernobyl and the relatively small one France is dealing with right now– if you believe liquid contaminated with unenriched uranium spilling from a tank into the water supply causing a ban on drinking the water and using it on crops is no big deal. As far as Nuclear energy weening us off of fossil fuels, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is you have to burn both coal and oil to produce enriched uranium, not to mention the transportation of the dangerous stuff to and from the site.

Speaking of “from” aka the waste, Harvey Wasserman writes, “Despite industry claims, VY’s high-level nuke waste is going nowhere. Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner Edward McGaffigan has told the New York Times he believes the Yucca Mountain waste repository cannot open for at least another 17-20 years, if ever.”

I oppose the use of more nuclear power.  At the very least we should find a way to make the current ones in service so efficient they come stop being supported by billion dollar gifts.  That’s OUR money people.  I know some of you oppose universal health care, but would you rather that money go to a proven energy loser that can lead to catastrophe or be given to the men and women that work every day in the country, keeping it running, but cannot afford to get sick?

The choice is clear in my book.  Investiment into solar and wind power along with the health of the nation.

To learn more about our energy options, check out Harvey Wasserman’s Solartopia site.



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