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Good Week for Cryptozoologists

A cryptozoologist is a person that studies and looks for “hidden animals”.  The name comes from Latin and means literally “study of hidden animals”.  Think Bigfoot and La Chupacabra.

Speaking of those two, in recent days people have claimed to have the dead bodies and videos of both on hand for scientists to study.  Could it be?  I’ll let you know when I find out.



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When Religion Meets Scarification in the (tax payer funded) Public Classroom?

I lived in Columbus, Ohio, for 14 years. The town of Mount Vernon isn’t too far away, it was close enough that I met a number of people from there, including one of my professors in Bible College (yes, I graduated from World Harvest Bible College- home of the right wing christian Pastor Rod Parsley). I have never been to Mount Vernon, because I never had a reason to go. There was no draw. I had not heard of any festivals or anything interesting- not a knock on the town it could be an amazing place- I just want to make the point that the town, from my perspective, is fairly middle Americany and non-description.

Today, while browsing the internet, I came up a story of a “science” teacher, John Freshwater. He taught at Mount Vernon Middle School (a public school) and has been let go. According to the article, the teacher was let go not only for teaching creationsim, but also for burning crosses into the students! What the fuck!?? My son enters middle school this coming school year and if a teacher burnt a cross into his body then I would go to jail for kicking that teacher’s ass. Mr. Freshwater would be breathing out of a tube if he had seered my child’s flesh. *BUT* before I get too felonious on here, let me stress that this information is gleened from an article. It is very hard for me to believe that a teacher would burn any symbol into a child. That would ensure jail time. Since I don’t read anything about him going to jail for child abuse it makes me wonder if what he did was some kind of temporary reaction on their skin that would wash off. That sounds much more plausible.

Anyways, read for yourself.



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