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Not Everything In Life Is Fair

Remember when you were a kid, and you couldn’t get a cookie, and you begged and pleaded but your parents knew it would ruin your dinner? The argument always ended with you saying “It’s NOT FAIR!” And the reply: Not everything in life is fair.


In fact, last night, I learned some things are very unfair.


I got an IM from my little sister last night. It simply said, “Steven (Last name) was killed.”


Although my first reaction was to say “You lie!” I knew she wouldn’t about one of her very best friends.


Steven grew up with my little sister and her other friend. All three of them lived on North Brower St. in Simi Valley, CA. They went to the same elementary school, middle school, and graduated the same high school I did. I watched them grow up. Steven was like a little brother or a cousin to me. Kinda annoying sometimes, but then again, all siblings are. But he was a good kid.


He enlisted in the Army. Military runs in his family; his older brother joined the Navy.


He was a good kid. Respectful to girls, polite to adults. Kinda awkward looking, but you knew looking at him he would grow into an attractive, handsome young man.


Or, would have.


As Tuesday transitioned into Wednesday, at 12:40am, Steven was found dead on I-5 in Tacoma, Washington, where he was stationed. His car had crashed through the divider. Toxicologists have not found evidence of alcohol or drugs. I doubt they will; that’s not like Steven. Granted, the military changes a person, but he was a man of character.


Steven had a very promising future. Secretly, a little part of me hoped he would return home after the Army and date my sister, because that would be a trustworthy man for her to be with for life. But despite my fantasies, he had a great life ahead of him, and his future only looked even brighter.


It’s not fair.



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