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Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up…

Well the Black(Berry) days are still in full effect, but T-Mobile definitely bolstered my confidence in them by exchanged my broken phone for a new one.  All I have to do is pick up the tab, which is mostly my fault since I wanted the tool to be here ASAP.

Now I need to introduce the readers to our newest contributor Don Singleton.  I allow Don to enumerate his various and stout achievements in the world of television, politics and amore at a later time.  For now I’m going to post his take on this summer’s movie season (next post).



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I Fell on Black(Berry) Days…

The Blackberry went kaput today.  The screen flipped out and gave me a weird error.  I called customer service, who transferred me to tech support after re-verifying my info the voice prompt had already gotten from me.  They sent me to Blackberry support who once again (number 3) reverified the same info I had given to a computer and a person.  Luckily, this guy knew his stuff.  He was familiar with the problem and since my laptop was home he said he’d send me the fix.  I went the WHOLE day without the phone.  Of course, an editor of an international magazine I had not communicated with in a few months emailed me during this time to express interest in an article I had pitched to them.

When I got home and started the slowwwwwww process of downloading the programs necessary to getting my blackberry and by extention my life, back in order.  One of the downloads took 2 hours.  No, I am not using a 14.4 baud modem.  I’m using the Verizon Wireless card which never has a problem with speed in my area.  I stream Netflix movies with it so a program shouldn’t be a big deal.  Anyways, I was a bit miffed at the time, but figured it was worth having my addiction back.  Ok, 3 hours in and I finally have all the programs downloaded.  YAY!

Whoops…  now the desk top manager asks for a PIN and password to my phone…  My phone has neither…  I call T-Mobile again.  This time I was smart and after verifying my info I told the voice prompt I needed “Blackberry support” and was able to skip the customer service layover.  Things were moving along.  I was going to have my phone back!

Then the probable happened.  I got ahold of a tech support dolt.  The lady obviously had no F’ing idea what my problem was or how to solve it.  She simply read off of a script- which was basically the email the rep had sent me earlier in the day…  I protested a bit, but she was determined that the script was the answer.  I hung up.

Now time for round 3.

Wish me luck!

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