Dear Reader:

What would I like our readers to know about me? First, I was born into real poverty, as in, you don’t know where your next meal is coming from or whether there will be a next meal. No health care, no comfort, no prospects. I have not lived the American dream so much as I have dodged the American nightmare. Given my early prospects, I should, by all rights, be dead or in jail. A number of my early compatriots went to the slammer and then on to the great slammer in the sky.

I hold a Ph.D. in Mass/Political Communication from the Univ. Of Oklahoma , an M.A. from the Television Division of the Theater Arts Department at UCLA and a B.A. from the Radio Television Motion Pictures Department at UNC.

I taught at several pretty good Universities and taught at a couple that weren’t worth a cup of warm spit. I developed the first Public Radio Station in West by God Virginia and was instrumental in building a public radio station in Little Rock Arkansas . I spent a couple of years running a state television network and have produced, directed and hosted a raft of TV and radio programs. I won a lot of creative writing prizes. I have written a couple of novels (unpublished).

I don’t suffer fools gladly and I am really bad to say the truth.

I am older than dirt and—I have forgotten who said that this is a real joy– have outlived most of my enemies. I intend to outlive the rest.

“I love: (to quote Willie Nelson) smoky old pool rooms and clear mountain mornings, fuzzy young puppies and children and girls of the …. Two of the places I love the best are a deep woods deer stand at sun rise and the Louvre. A dear friend once called me a “renaissance redneck.” There isn’t much redneck left but still enough for you to know that I’ve been there.

I expect to contribute, film reviews and critical pieces, political essays and pieces on art and literature. I also expect to attack injustice, greed, political corruption and other assorted evils where and when I find them. I will always support the under dog against the greed-heads.

I currently am retired and reside on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. When folks ask me how a cultured, well educated, and well traveled cosmopolitan came to land on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I remind them of the theory of lunatic drift which says: All the lunatics in the country are drifting back and forth on the interstates and just randomly fall off from time to time.

I’ll try to make you laugh, more often than not make you angry, occasionally make you weep. Welcome to the Monkey House.

Don Singleton


3 responses to “Don

  1. Don,
    You are the first person I’ve encountered in my life to coin Kurt Vonnegut’s book title – I use it a lot! What a great book that I’m thinking I must reread and introduce to my daughter.

    Found ya’ll (forgive me – native Texan, transplanted to NC too many years ago to keep count) thru a forwarded email about Palin. Yikes – scary to think how she’d run our country if Jack croaked.

    The Hope is alive.

  2. Don – the Eastern Shore of Maryland is beautiful. You fell off the freeway at a pretty nice location.

  3. Found ya’ll (forgive me – native Texan, transplanted to NC too many years ago to keep count) thru a forwarded email about Palin. Yikes – scary to think how she’d run our country if Jack croaked.

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