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Savage Banned in Britain, Powell Bashes Limbaugh


Here is a quote pulled from the internet:  Colin Powell is perhaps the only prominent Republican who has consistently stood up to Limbaugh and urged other Republicans to turn away from his divisive rhetoric. Powell recently said this: “I think what Rush does as an entertainer diminishes the party and intrudes or inserts into our public life a kind of nastiness that we would be better to do without.”


The hate mongers of Hate Radio and Hate Television Incorporated are at it as always.  But there are a few rays of hope peeking over the horizon.  Great Britain has placed Michael Savage on a list of undesirables.  His hate speech is seen as destructive, divisive and dangerous.  He is not allowed to enter Great Britain.  Now, the hit dog howls constantly on his radio show about the unfairness of it all.  No matter that he attacks members of the Democratic Party with a viciousness that passes understanding.  Oh Poor Baby!! He is unfairly listed as a hate monger.  Well bully for Britain.  Does he have a right in this country under the first amendment to spew his hatred?  Yes.  Does he have the right to spew that garbage on the public airwaves without recourse to reply?  Absolutely not!  We should all lobby to bring back the Fairness Doctrine.  Give those who are attacked by this warped, bizarre, bloviator the opportunity to respond.  Propaganda is only effective if unanswered.

And speaking of the Fairness Doctrine, we have a new appointment to the Supreme Court, a Supreme Court packed with right wing reactionaries.  One of the members of the Supreme Court, Scolia, is one of the two judges who simply declared that the Fairness Doctrine which was settled law was not the law, and they got away with it.  The other judge was Robert Bork of the Saturday Night Massacre fame. Bork was at the bottom of the barrel where Richard Nixon was reaching to try to find someone to fire the special prosecutor.  Bork’s superiors resigned rather than commit a criminal act and Bork was left to do the deed. Ronald Reagan tried to appoint Bork to the Supreme Court but his appointment was denied.


Well the right wingers are saying”   Obama has appointed a Judicial Activist.  If you haven’t figured it out by now “Judicial Activist” is the right wing’s code for this is not a right wing proto fascist appointment and we should oppose her all guns blazing.  If you really want to see Judicial Activism, note the Fairness Doctrine decision by two judges who simply declared that settled law was not the law and the coronation of George Bush to the presidency by the reactionary members of the Supreme Court.  Scolia and Bork are the worst kind of ideologues and unfortunately Scolia now sits on the Supreme Court of the land.  Too bad we can’t just transfer him to some other parish.

The destruction of the Fairness Doctrine created Hate Radio and Hate television and unfortunately, Salisbury, Maryland, has two of these hate radio stations which carry the garbage.  Thankfully one is a day timer and disappears except in the small metropolitan area after sundown.  The other is an FM station with limited reach and so, thankfully, most folks outside Salisbury won’t associate the city with the proto fascism these stations spew.  You would think advertisers would understand that by placing ads on these hate filled and hateful stations they alienate all but a handful of mouth breathers and tin hat conspiracy types.  If I were buying media for advertising purposes, I wouldn’t go near either of these sad, simple minded outlets.

Ban them in America.  No! Just bring back the Fairness Doctrine so the propaganda they spew doesn’t go unanswered.

Don Singleton

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Star Trek

Don’t Know the Star Trek stories?

This one’s a ho-hummer.

 Know the Star Trek stories?

 This one’s a real bummer.

 It’s mostly Kirk hanging by his fingers

 Banging round the galaxy running into dangers

 It has the star Trek characters but only kinda sorta

 The story re assembled in a disconcerting order.

 Don Singleton

 May 14, 2009

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