Telling me to write a piece about myself is like interviewing for a job. There’s no right answer, but there are several thousand wrong answers. So here goes nothing.

I grew up in Arleta, California, which has all the charm and allure of the alley behind your favorite bar – no matter how comfortable you are there, you don’t really want to stick around. When I was 13, after there was a gang shooting, my parents moved us to Simi Valley, where I had my formative years, high school, community college, etc. I finished up my college career at the University of California, Santa Barbara. From there I worked as an undergraduate advisor in German & Slavic and Comparative Literature. No, I don’t speak either, so don’t ask.

I then moved to the World Capital of Vanity, Orange County, CA, during which time I worked for the Happiest Place on Earth for two years. Happy as it was, a smile cannot pay the bills, and I grew weary of the plastic world of the OC. I moved to Sacramento to get my life back in focus, and once I did, promptly wanted out of Sacramento. To Las Vegas I went, and quite frankly I love it here.

Aside from regaling you all with fascinating and witty writings, my day job is in a sports promotion firm. Like Tom, I have a love/obsession with boxing. I train five to six times a week, three hours a day, and I’m looking to compete soon. I also have many connections with boxers. Why do I like that a whole lot? Not for status; because boxers are the most laid-back people outside the ring you may ever meet. If you don’t know a boxer as a friend, I highly recommend it.

I’m also a staunch Democrat, bleeding-heart liberal, and proud of it. I believe Mr. O’Reilly would refer to it as a “left-wing moonbat.” I would refer to him as a “lying sack of crap.”

When I’m not working, boxing, or writing, I use the 10 minutes of free time left in the day to check out TV, movies, explore the great (and mostly fattening) food in Las Vegas, and every once in a while, gamble and drink.

I am not without my vice.

Come enjoy them with me.


Ryan Kaye

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