A Bridge Too Fat

A Bridge Too Fat

The right wing reactionaries and their propaganda machine have just gone right round the bend. My assumption is that they are afraid to criticize Regina Benjamin because she is black or because she is a woman, or because she is eminently qualified to be Surgeon General so here is what these pin head have dug up. She is not qualified to be Surgeon General because she is Too Fat. Aside from the fact that you couldn’t make this stuff up, one might note that, as Senator Al Franken so aptly put it, Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot! Haley Barbour who is now being touted as the next great white hope for the Republican Party is a great white whale, and the last time I checked the only skinny Republicans are looking for love in all the wrong places, either hanging out in the men’s room in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport or walking the Appalachian Trail en route to Argentina.

Given the choice between portly brilliant and skinny stupid, I will take portly brilliant every time. George Bush you will recall was skinny. Yes, some idiots are skinny. And some portly people are brilliant. Benjamin Franklin comes to mind. The point is that we are interested in Dr. Benjamin’s record, her accomplishments, her human decency, and her smarts, not her dress size.

My advice to Dr. Benjamin is if you got it flaunt it! She should smile sweetly for the camera and say: “As I am a political moderate, this crowd of bloviating. right-wing, reactionary, racist peckerwoods can kiss my size 18 assets—not on the left wing, not on the right wing, but right in the middle.”

Don Singleton

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