Maybe This Palin Thing Is Just a Joke?

Sarah Palin Tina Fey

I’m just saying…




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22 responses to “Maybe This Palin Thing Is Just a Joke?

  1. scaryreasoner

    If it meant Tina Fey would go back on SNL to make fun of Palin, it would almost be enough to get me to vote Republican. Well, not really, but it would certainly be a silver lining to the tragedy it would be if the Republicans do win. If they do win, NBC ought to pay Tina a zillion dollars to come back to SNL.

  2. vivalasryan

    ^^^ Don’t wish such evil on this country.

  3. peacelovekindness

    Next to Colin Powell’s ‘great revelation’ of the NON-existent ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)’ at the UN Security Council ‘Breaking News’ global embarrassment that fuelled the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq, John McCain’s choice of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate IS the BIGGEST JOKE in the history of modern day world! Ggrrr:(

  4. funny
    but i’d actually vote for tina

  5. VivaLasRyan

    That’s because Tina Fey isn’t a right-wing Barbie Doll.

  6. Rebecca Burt

    Let’s see…an ex-beauty pagent winner…with a undergraduate degree in jounalism…who does not believe in global warming…who does believe a woman should have no control over her own body and for 9 months should be viewed as nothing more than a baby container…who’s main attributes seem to be stubborness and vicious competiveness… who has had next to no experience in goverment…who has a currently very messy family situation given that she had recently given birth to a downs syndrome baby, has a 17 year old daughter who is unwed and pregnant and is facing investigation for using her political office to smear her ex-brother-in-law and get him fired (he is in a custody battle with her sister)…who seems to be in bed with big oil…who is running for VP…whose running mate is 72 and is a cancer survivor…who has no foreign policy background and in fact has only been out of the country twice…who may become President of the country I love at a time when it faces the most complex foreign policy issues, economic issues and domestic issues it has in decades…Why does this sound like a totally unbelievably bad novel???? I for one am terrified and can not understand what Mr. McCain was thinking!!!! Maybe it is a joke…If so I am not laughing…

  7. El Grande

    Check this out. Comments from a fellow Naval Academy Graduate and Vietnam POW. Good stuff:

    Also, MySpace photos of Trigs grandma

    And Alaska’s newspaper attempt to cover up. Notice Palin’s youngest daughter ages dramatically during 2006

  8. You people are joking, right? You’d rather have a no-talent-ass-clown that is in cahoots with terrorists (I know, William Ayers) with a bad-haired old lefty, than a war-hero/proven leader and a VPILF? You’re retarded.

    “Community Organizer”? WTF is that?

  9. VivaLasRyan

    Please. Please tell me this is comedy above me.

    Tina Fey, is that you?

    PROVE that Obama is in cahoots with terrorists. Allow me to discard the “Middle Name is Hussein” card for you.

    Biden is a bad-haired old lefty? If coiffures could run the White House, I’d love to have thirty-two years of the Clinton presidency of the ’90s. Wait, we had a budget surplus and low unemployment, so I think I’d like to have that ANYWAY.

    McCain is a war hero, this is true. And we applaud what he did for this nation. A leader, yes, he is that as well. But for one second, look at his platform, and recognize the difference between McCain the War Hero, and McCain the Candidate. The gap is astounding.

    And don’t even get me started on VP Baked Alaska.

  10. Barack Obama started his political campaign at William Ayers house!

    On September 11, 2001 William Ayers was quoted in the New York Times as saying, “We didn’t do enough,” pertaining to his Weather Underground’s bombing of the Pentagon, the US Capitol, etc. Ayers never apologized or showed any remorse to this day for the bombings. Unfortunately, NOBODY picked up the paper that morning due to breaking news, and the story was forgotten.

    Barack Obama is directly linked to domestic terrorists. Oh, and he doesn’t look like the other presidents on the cash in my pocket. (The hypothetical cash, that is–for there is no cash in my pocket. The Democrat Congress made sure of that.)

    I’d vote for the RIGHT black man for president in a heartbeat. Give me a Colin Powell and I’ll show you a vote. I’d vote for the RIGHT woman for president too, maybe someday that will be Mrs. Palin, maybe not. But Hillary Roadham Clinton? Give me break!

    A vote for Barack Obama is a vote AGAINST America. God help us if he wins.

  11. VivaLasRyan

    I train in the boxing gym with someone who did time in jail for aggravated assault. Does that mean I too am a criminal?

    Obama is directly linked to terrorist? PROVE IT.

    And because he doesn’t look like a dead white guy and John McCain DOES, that’s reason to not vote for him?

    You say you would vote for the RIGHT black man or woman, but Obama and Clinton weren’t the ones to do it, and you instead embrace POWELL AND SARAH “BAKED ALASKA” PALIN?

    Powell openly rearranged data (a.k.a. “lied”) according to the Bush Reich, and again, don’t get me started on Baked Alaska. People said that if Giuliani couldn’t control his family could he control a torn nation… the same standard should be applied to Palin.

    Sir, you’re more than welcome to disagree with me. Just try backing it up with proof. And it’s okay, when you’re shown to be wrong, and your liberties are at stake, I’ll keep fighting for you too, because that’s what progressives do.

  12. Gooser

    Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream that each man be judged by the content of his character, rather than the color of his skin ought to apply to Obama.

    The content of his character is sorely lacking. I didn’t notice the color of his skin until the criminal liberal media pointed it out.

  13. “criminal” media. You know John McCain was the press’ darling in 2000. McCain is using you on this point. He is firing up the base with this rhetoric to make you feel like “victims” so you’ll feel more compelled to “fight like hell” to put him in office given that the “media” is against anything and everything he is for… which would work if the media was not owned by gigantic corporations give money to republican campaigns. The media is after a story and ratings. If you introduce someone to the national scene the press is going to look for every story they can find on that person. Note, no one has gotten the scrutiny in the past month as Sarah Palin, but the same could have been said about Obama over the past two years. Of course when the press runs him in muslim gear and make false claims about him -that is ok with you- Do some research and get back to me.



  14. How old was Barack Obama when Ayers was a criminal? Why isn’t Ayers in jail? (Hint: abuses of the COINTELPRO) So if the government could not put him in jail- what is Ayers supposed to do? In his case he became a professor and began helping in his community. It just so happens that Obama was trying to help the same community. If you have ever worked in your community then you know for a fact you’ll meet people there that you would not invite over for lunch. Does that mean you should bare their sins in an election? Guilt by association does not work in a court of law and it doesn’t work in a serious political conversation.



  15. John

    Some of you actually seem pretty intelligent. However, it never ceases to amaze me when people -very likely Obama supporters, come up with the most childish name calling e.g.: “Baked Alaska”. Clever… not! Too much Koolaid I think.

    Sarah Palin probably has more b***s than most guys out there. As for Obama: considering his terrorist friends, racist pastor, stuttering responses, etc: I don’t trust one single syllable that comes out of his mouth.

  16. You can say balls, man! But if we, as liberals, accused her of having balls you would take it as us calling her a non-woman and somehow try to tie that to liberal insanity or the Bush doctrine, which you, but not her, probably knows all about.

    It is funny/telling that the whole term “kool aide drinker” comes from a right wing church group…



  17. vivalasryan

    Uh oh… someone’s an angry Santa!

    Listen. I’m the irreverant, kooky one in this circle of elite journalists. They’re the hard hitting news and insightful opinion, I’m the celebrity gossip and fart joke guy. That being said, do not take me for a chump, because as others will attest to, I can puncture so many holes in one’s argument with facts that passers-by will think ’80s mesh tops have come back en vogue.

    Thanks so much for playing, lovely parting gifts backstage.


  18. ec

    I’m so sick of these actors being so outspoken with their political views. I’m sick of reverse discrimination. Bush protected our oil, our life source…don’t complain about gas prices when you want nothing to do with protecting our energy supply. New technology is needed, but it will take a long time before we are able to sustain without oil.
    Bush also tried to get the democrats in congress to do something about the housing market with no success.
    Obama did not vote to ban partial life abortions. That is an appalling issue. Once you breathe you should be protected, but Senator Obama could not be bothered to vote yes on the ban. Senator Obama also voted against keeping sexual offenders in prison.
    National health care would be paid for by working Americans. Getting appointments would be almost impossible if everyone had insurance. So hard working people currently paying for health insurance get screwed over with a national health care system. They will pay the insurance cost for everyone and the system will be so flooded that they won’t be able to receive adequate care. Good luck you liberal idiots. Obama has you fooled, there is no way possible that he can deliver all that he promises.

  19. I did not vote for George W Bush in either election, so I understand the sting of defeat. Though, in this case, there is no chicanery in Ohio or Florida to blame. Over 50,000,000 Americans voted for Barack Obama. I will not follow you to the pig sty for a mud slinging contest, but I do resent the implication that 50,000,000 Americans, so of whom are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan right now are liberal idiots. It’s a sweeping and unjust statement and one I think you should think twice about airing publicly.

  20. vivalasryan

    Tom may not follow you to the pig sty for a mud slinging contest, but I have no problem pushing you in, right-wing tool. None of your points are valid, especially your point about “protecting our energy supply.” Are you referring to the occupation of Iraq? That’s not OUR ENERGY to be had!

    As to your “sexual offenders” point, did you know I know a sexual offender? I sure do. He was 19, she told him she was 18, but was only 17, and they threw the book at him. Now he’s a sexual offender. Doesn’t exactly seem as scary as it sounds, right? Now, I’m not denying there are some sickos out there, but do your research when the neo-cons come at you with big scary words.

    And I’m a hard-working American, I have health insurance, but I still can’t afford to go to a doctor. Why? Because it costs too much even with insurance. Does that mean I’m lazy? That I want to mooch the system? How is it then, that European nations with universal health care are thriving? Riddle me that, Batman.

    So maybe others on here won’t get into name-calling contests, and I don’t think I will either. But when this nation turns around and you thank your lucky stars for the extra dollars in the pocket, the ease of finding jobs, and your son or daughter coming home from an illegal occupation of a soverign nation, be prepared to answer to “neo-con right-wing prick.”

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