How To Tell If You’re a Moron

I try to balance out the political stuff that Tom so expertly posts on here with entertainment showbiz blither and boxing talk. That’s my job. I’m the fluffer of this site, so to speak. However, today’s developments combined with this week’s Democratic National Convention have led me to a conclusion which I must share with you all.

If you were supporting Senator Hillary Clinton, and got cheesed off because Sen. Barack Obama got the nomination, that’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinion. If you watched the DNC and still feel cheesed off, that’s fine too. That’s rather stubborn, but I’m not telling you how to think.

If you were supporting Senator Hillary Clinton, got cheesed off because Sen. Barack Obama got the nomination, and now you’re looking at this Sen. John McCain-Governor Sarah Palin ticket and thinking, “Hmmm… this holds more appeal to me now than it did before,” you should have I AM A MORON stamped across your forehead in big bold letters.

You know, to warn the rest of us when you approach.




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5 responses to “How To Tell If You’re a Moron

  1. Ms. Contrarian

    Couldn’t agree more, Ryan. Oh, the pandering…

  2. Yeah, morons or suckers is right. I think most voters and commentators will go through a few steps, and this will not turn out well for John McCain:

    1. Ask, and maybe even him directly too: Would John McCain have picked Sarah Palin if, having all the same background, she wasn’t a woman? No, really, of course not – some guy like that just wouldn’t have been the Veep choice “and we all know it.” So,

    2. That shows that John McCain was pandering, trying to pull a “See what a cute smart-ass I am, diddling with Hillary supporters and sticking my tongue out at Barack Obama.” My mother said, he “looked pleased as punch,” with a big smug smart-Alec’s smirk on his face.

    3. Once voters realize that John McCain was pandering like that, taking chances with the well-being of the nation just to play election games, enough of them will be outraged enough to say, no way I will vote for a prick like that.

    It would have been no problem if McCain had picked a clearly talented woman with more experience and some fopo contact, like Olympia Snowe.

  3. gyma

    Let’s offer free moron tattoos – I loved your post.

    I hear Rush Limbaugh is ecstatic that they have a “babe” on their ticket. And Cokie Roberts says Palin will appeal to the base because she’s been a lifelong NRA member.

    So there you have it – the modern GOP believes the only qualifications for Veep are the ability to shoot a gun and hot looks.

    SNL, Jon Stewart, and every other comedian in the country will have a field day with this.

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  5. diane geitner

    Well, I guess you saw it all last night, or as much as you can stomach. Boy, did somebody get ahold of her with her pony tail, cheap jacket and cheerleader style. She’s a different person, but it still ain’t pretty. Now she’s all that with malice for all. And the same people who could not slime Hillary enough! Now suddenly she’s their party heroine. Well, if they want to use the b word, which they never failed to do, they’ve certainly found the right replacement. Maybe I’m not expressing myself well, but am apoplectic. Look that one up in your thesaurasus, miss runner-up congeniality.

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